Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had as wonderful of a Thanksgiving as we did.

Today we enjoyed wonderful food, wonderful family and some wonderful friends!

One the way to my parents house we asked the girls what they were Thankful for. Maddie first said she was thankful for Stinky, but then she changed and said she was thankful for her family and Stinky. Maycee said she is Thankful for Valentines??? She keeps telling everyone that she gets her cast off on Valentines, so maybe that's why, but I'm not sure.

I have so much to be thankful for this year. The sweetest, healthy little girls, a loving, dependable husband, a wonderful, supportive family and the best friends. I am also so thankful that we have a steady income, a roof over our heads and the ability to care for our girls. I am also very thankful that I have been able to spend the last year at home with my girls. There is so much more I can't list it all!

I didn't take many pictures today, but I did get a cute one of my dad and the girls with marshmallow noses.

And one of Kaleigh teaching the girls how to set the table.

Tomorrow is Black Friday and I'm not participating. I go every year, but I'm saving money for something special this year and I always end up getting some great deals on stuff that I really don't need. I guess I did participate in a way. I stayed up last night and ordered $12 winter coats for the girls from Gymboree. I will miss it in a way, but it will be nice to be warm and dry in bed instead of out fighting the crowds.

I do want to share my best Black Friday story though. A couple of years ago, Linh and I decided to meet up on Black Friday morning at the Walmart in Beaumont. We had spent Thanksgiving with Guy's family that year. We were in the toy department (to tell you the truth I can't even remember what we were trying to get), but they had $300 laptops that year and the electronics is very close to the toys. People started pushing and hollering, we looked towards electronics and people were throwing the laptops in to the crowd. Next thing we knew people were screaming and scattering and our eyes started to burn. Apparently a cop had decided the crowd was out of control (he was probably right) and he sprayed mace out into the crowd. It burned bad, burned our eyes, burned our noses, but it didn't stop us. We finished shopping (quickly) and paid. The sad thing is the only deals I can remember getting out of that lovely experience is 2 $5 Cabbage Patch Kids, a $10 Tumble Time Tigger and a few movies for $3. So not worth it. And we finished shopping at all the other stores on our list and had lunch before we went home and washed off the mace. When we got home everyone at Guy's Mom's was telling me about the mace incident on the news and I was like yeah I know, smell me!! I can't say that I will miss this chaos tomorrow, but Good Luck to all of you who are going out. I hope you find some great deals!!

And a little more Kennedi. This time with her eyes open. Isn't she precious? Oh wait did I already say that yesterday? Oh well it's the truth.

In total awe of their baby cousin!

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