Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Weather

Well I haven't had much to say lately!!

Today Maddie's school was closed because we were supposed to have ice, but it hasn't happened yet. Now they are saying the ice will be tomorrow. I guess we'll see. I just found out that they will be delayed 2 hours tomorrow. Yay, we get to sleep late!

Maycee did have school today and Maddie's friend invited her to play for a couple of hours so I still had a couple hours to myself. :)

Last week I was in Gymboree and someone commented on Maycee's hairbows and asked if I sold them. She wanted to know if I had a website which I do, but it doesn't have anything on it. I bought the domain name at least 6 months ago. http://www.threelittledivas.com/ Actually it is mine and Ashley's, but we never did anything with it so it sits, parked with nothing on it. Anyway back to Gymboree, since I didn't have a website she wanted my email and # to get together to make her some bows. Then another lady explained 2 things that she wanted bows to go with and gave me money to make her bows and drop them back at Gymboree for her to pick them up. I gave my email and # to several people and left with 3 bow orders.

Also, a couple weeks ago one of Ashley's friends on Myspace contacted me to make her an outfit her her little cutie. I made it for her and she has ordered 2 more.

All of this has finally pushed me over the edge to start trying to sell some of my creations like lots of people have been trying to convince me to do :} Soooo from now on I will be selling custom clothes and hairbows from http://www.threelittledivas.blogspot.com/. Ashley will also be selling hairbows from this same site. It is a work in progress. I am slowly posting pictures of what we have made in the past. Check it out and let me know what you think!

The girls haven't been up to much this past week. We did sign Maycee up to play soccer and Maddie up to play softball. They both should start practice in the next couple of weeks. Maddie decided after 4 seasons on the same team that she doesn't like soccer. Guy was her assistant coach and was probably ready for a break too. (He didn't say this. I'm just putting words in his mouth, but it seemed like a lotta work to deal with some *not all of them* ungrateful parents.)

Maycee has been a little pill for a few days. She is suddenly very hard headed and she won't admit she did anything wrong. She has a story to explain everything.

The other night when I found her with blue sticky mess all over her face after she was supposed to be in bed sleeping, (it was obviously blue candy cane) she insisted to me and Guy that she wasn't eating candy after we told her to go to bed. What actually happened was she went to bed and it was laying on her pillow opened and she was turning her head back and forth to get comfortable and it smeared all over her face!!!

Along with the fact that she hasn't done anything wrong in the last two weeks, she is tattling on everyone else. When we tell her to stop tattling she just insists that it's "the truth." It's hilarious, no matter what we try she doesn't understand that we aren't arguing about whether or not she lying. She gets so upset because "IT'S THE TRUTH." I guess will have to keep working on that one.

I was just talking to my friend Jenna this morning about how much Maddie has grown up. It makes me sad. She used to say and do all the funny things that Maycee does now. I wish I had written that stuff down. She is very serious now and works really hard to be grown up and not say silly things, but Jenna reminded me of one of Maddie's 'little girl' funnies. One day when she was about 2 1/2 she was in my room when I was getting dressed. She picked up my bra and asked "is this your brot for your boots?" I'm not sure why, but it made me laugh so hard that day.

A few other Maddie funnies that I thought of were she once told Papa to "put it up" when he was holding Maycee when she was a few weeks old. She felt that way about Maycee for a while. Heck she probably still does sometimes. Who doesn't wish they could have all the attention sometimes? :)

There was also a time when Guy worked out of town during the week and her and I ate alot of pizza (hey, cut me some slack, I was working full time and taking care of her and Maycee) and every time the doorbell would ring no matter who was there or what time of day it was she would run to the door screaming "PizzaMan!"

But the best Maddie funny of all was when Ashley took her to the scrapbook store to see Lauren (she worked there). Ashley watched Maddie and Maycee while I worked. Maycee was a newborn and Ashley was feeding her in the crop room. Maddie was playing in the little playroom right there, but she couldn't see her because it had a half door to keep the kids in. Maddie was just a little over 2 and had pooped in her pullup. That would have been fine except she had decided she didn't like it where it was and she pulled it out and "wrote" all over the walls and toys with it. Disgusting!!!! Poor Lauren had to clean up the playroom while Ashley cleaned up Maddie. When they were leaving they had to pass the playroom and Maddie repeated Ashley and said "Sorwy Waurwen." I wonder if Ashley ever went back to that particular scrapbook store.

I'm gonna try to think of more of Maddie's funnies and post about them when I do so that I have them recorded. I want to be able to tell them to her when she is all grown up!!

No pictures today. We haven't done anything to take pictures of!

Monday, January 19, 2009

"You know she eats boobies, right?"

On Wednesday of last week I watched Addison and Kennedi because Ashley had something to do.

A little after Ashley left Kennedi started fussing. Maycee asked why she was crying and I said I think she is hungry. Maycee looked at me a little strange, gestured to my chest and said "You know she eats boobies, right?" I quickly told her that today she was eating from a bottle.

While I was feeding Kennedi, Addison was playing in the playroom. It is directly off the living room and I left the french doors open, but I couldn't quite see the whole room. Specifically I couldn't see the shelves on the wall. Addison called out in the calmest voice "April", and I asked her what she needed to which she replied, "April", again I asked her what she needed and got the same response, "April". Remember, I was feeding Kennedi (from a bottle) so I asked Maycee to go see what she needed. Maycee goes in the playroom and calmly said "I think you want to see this."

This is what I saw.

(She has no clothes because her and Maycee had been playing dress up.)

Maycee and Kennedi

Maycee and Addison being silly, making angels.

Kennedi napping on the couch.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Star Student

Wow, it has been a while since I've written!

Last Friday was awards day at Maddie's school. She received a Reading Achievement award and Star Student. We are so proud of her. And she was very proud of herself. She was just beaming with pride.

Maddie with her awards
Maddie with her best friend from her class
Maddie with her friends from our neighborhood

Maycee after the awards
By the way she got to take that brace off on Monday. Yea! We go back the first week of Feb for more x-rays, but she hasn't been complaining of any pain at all. :)

On Saturday, we took the girls to the American Girl Store at the Galleria. They loved it. They had Christmas money from Gran Gran and Grandaddy and that is where they wanted to spend it. They had tons of fun, and they each got a new outfit for their new Mia and Ruthie dolls from Nana and Papa. Maddie got a cute little cheerleading uniform with pom poms and Maycee got a summer outfit and bathing suit for hers. When we got in the car she put the bathing suit on her doll and wanted to know if she could bring her swimming with her next time we go camping (as in swimming in the lake).

Thanks Gran-Gran and Grandaddy they really are enjoying their new outfits!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Ike's Aftermath

Last Friday we drove down to Boliver and Crystal Beach to look at the damage from Hurricane Ike. I was slightly worried about bringing the kids but decided it would be good for them to see it. When we first told them that we were going to the beach Maddie wanted to know where her bathing suit was. We had to explain a little better about why we were going.

It was unbelievable. I couldn't believe the damage. The pictures I had seen on the news and internet didn't prepare me for the amount of damage we would see. There is debris everywhere. There isn't much grass at all, it is all covered in sand. It kinda looks like a desert. It was very sad to see what we are now calling debris that used to be someones possessions. Maddie was very upset by the recognizable things laying by the sides of the roads. She kept saying that people needed to come and pick up their things before they blew away or got wet. She couldn't understand why they just didn't come get them.

As much time as we have spent at Crystal Beach it was still very hard to figure out where we were at times. Many of the landmarks are gone everything kinda looks the same. Destroyed.

We were able to find the (2nd row) cabin we stayed at in May last year. It is still standing, but the cabin next to it and the beachfront cabins across the street are gone. Sorry about the picture quality, it was terribly foggy.

We also found Leigh's old cabin that she sold a little before the hurricane. It is still standing also. The cabin that Guy and I met at is gone along with the 4 other cabins that the same people owned. It is very sad how much some people lost.

There were cars everywhere. Some looked like they washed away from where they were parked, but the were a bunch that looked like people were trying to get out and had to leave them and walk. That really bothered me and I hope if that is what happened that those people made it to safety.

Maycee is sitting next to me as I type and she keeps asking me where the toilet picture is. They were very amused by a toilet sitting right side up out in the sand. So here it is just for Maycee....

And here are the girls with their shells they found on the beach.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Nice Weekend

We are on our way home! We had a fun holiday weekend and enjoyed visiting with lots of family and friends.

We've heard "are we almost home" about 100 times too many and we've made more bathroom stops than we care to remember, but we are only 70 miles from home. YAY!

On New Year's Day the girls were able to visit with Guy's Grandmother and Great Grandmother. They hadn't seen them for a while. It had been about 3 1/2 years since they saw his Great Grandmother, so I don't think either of them remembered. Beverly took Maycee to meet her and said "Come on Maycee, do you want to meet your Great-Great Grandmother." Maycee replied, "yeah I've needed one of those."

They even got to play at the park with her!

Here are the girls and their Grandmother, Great Grandmother and Great-Great Grandmother.

New Year's Day!

They also did some fun crafts with Aunt Laurie, Uncle Nat, Val, and Sarah.

We had yummy cake and cannolies for Leigh and Nat's birthday.

We also were able to go bowling with Linh, Mike and Caleb and meet Mickie for lunch one day.

Maddie bowled a 120 the first game (with bumpers but I was still impressed.) Then in true 6 year old drama queen style she got 'sad' because she wanted to come in 2nd place not 1st. Go figure! :)

Maycee had a little trouble figuring it out with her arm brace, but she figured it out and had fun. She doesn't even look to see how many pins she knocked down.

And Guy beat me both games. I was 'sad' because I wanted to come in 1st place not 2nd. HA!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

Also, Happy Birthday to
Laurie and Nat
All we heard yesterday was "Are we there yet", "How much longer?", "I want out of the car", When are we gonna be there?", but we are finally here at Guy's Mom's house and we are going to spend the weekend visiting some of his family and some of our friends. The girls are enjoying another Christmas.
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