Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Special Delivery

The girls got an extra special delivery in the mail yesterday morning. They went to check the mail on the way out the door to bring Maddie to school and found postcards in the mail from Tinkerbell and Belle. They were ecstatic. They can't believe that their favorite characters know that they are coming back to visit and know that they just had a birthday!

I had to run back in before we left to get a picture. They are dancing in these pics.

I am working on finding out who was responsible for the magic behind these postcards, but until I do THANK YOU VERY MUCH! They were super excited! More excited than you can even imagine. Maycee was so excited in fact that she had to wear her Tinkerbelle costume to Target so that Tinkerbell would know she was happy about the postcard.

Tinkerbelle looking for bugs!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Birthday Party Fun!

This year we had Maddie and Maycee's Birthday Party together at Prosper Party Place. It is a big place with bounce houses, rock climbing, a dance floor, bubble machines, a gameroom, pizza and laser tag. We did everything except the laser tag.
Lots of kids showed up. Maddie and Maycee were so happy to be with all of their friends and family. They ran around like crazy the whole party playing with everyone.

This is alot but not all of the kids at the party. I forgot to take pictures in the bounce house room and by the time I took this one some of the kids were already in the gameroom and a few had to leave early :( Actually there are some kids that I didn't get any pictures of at all. I think they were the fast ones that I couldn't catch. It is hard to take pics in the bounce houses, they just don't ever seem to be still enough to catch them.
This is what our house looked like about 30 minutes after we got home. The were going through all their presents.
Thanks to everyone for making Maddie and Maycee's birthday extra special this year!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rules for Maycee's Room

Yesterday, I was in the car with Maycee. She was in the back playing her DS and kinda talking to her baby doll. She told me she had rules for her room and did I want to hear them. Sure I did! This is what she told me...

Maycee's Rules for her Room--
1) If you are bleeding go get a tissue.
2) If you are gonna throw up go see my Mom.
3) If you take a toy out you have to put it up.

Now you may think she must have had problems with these things in the past. Well maybe number 3, but she has never had (to my knowledge) someone bleed or throw up in her room.

She is so silly. I don't know where she gets this stuff? :) What goes through her little mind?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Family Project

Maddie had her first family project for 1st grade due last week. She had to do something to represent her family, her home and what her family enjoyed together.

This is the poster we made.

She did all the cutting and gluing herself. I helped her lay it all out on the poster board and gave her the topics to write about.

Didn't she do a great job? She loved those crazy scrapbooking scissors :) That was what took most of our time.

We already found out that she got a 100 for a grade. It wasn't too hard to get though, because you got 60 points just for turning it in on time.

Maycee and Maddie were having a hard time agreeing on just how much Maycee should be helping on this family project, so Maycee got to make her own project with some of the leftover pictures. She scored a 100 also!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Maycee!

Happy Birthday to our precious, silly Princess Maycee!! Maycee, I can't beleive how fast you are growing up. Our little baby is already 5 years old! It can't be 5 years ago already that you were giving us a little scare in the hospital. You are such a sweetie and so affectionate. We love you so much! Happy Birthday, Maycee! ♥ Mommy
And Finally here is a slideshow for Maycee. She has been waiting patiently for her turn since Maddie's end of Kindergarten slideshow.
Yesterday was Maycee and Maddie's birthday party. They had lots of friends and family there and had a great time. Pictures to come later.
Today Maycee had leftover cake for breakfast and we will be making cupcakes together later today per Maycee's request. She actually wanted to make them for the party, but I'm pretty sure that nobody at that party wanted to be subjected to my horrible cooking/baking skills so we went with a storebought cake :)
Maycee gets to pick dinner like Maddie did, but it's gonna have to wait because we have a makeup football game to cheer at tonight (dependant on field conditions), cheer practice Tuesday, homecoming parade Wednesday, and Cheer practice Thursday. Poor baby's gonna have to wait until Friday for her special dinner.
It is also Grandaddy's Birthday today. Maycee was born on his birthday. Happy Birthday Grandaddy, I hope you have a great day!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Catch Up!

Okay so I'm a little behind...

First off I think Maddie had a great birthday. Her lunch surprise was Nana and Papa coming to have lunch with her. You can read all about lunch and the lunch nazi here. She was very excited and surprised.

Maycee also had a special day. She went to a gymnastics stay and play. She was a little apprehensive about staying without Maddie until she found out Addison was going too. After that she was all excited. She ended up having a great time and can't wait to go back next month!

After lunch I brought the cupcake cake Maddie had picked out to her school. She loved it, her friends loved, but her teacher and I did not love it. That thing was a mess. It had so much icing and it was hard to pull the cupcakes apart without losing the icing and without touching anywhere besides the paper. Lesson learned...no more cupcake cakes for us. It was cute though!

Friday night we went to Peter Piper Pizza to celebrate Maddie's birthday. We have a tradition of letting them pick any place they want for dinner every year on their actual birthday, but Thursday night (Maddie's actual birthday) we had cheerleading and a Girl Scout Rally. So Friday night it was and she chose Peter Piper Pizza. We had a great time, but unfortunately my camera battery was dead. I did borrow Carrie's camera, but I haven't gotten the pictures from her.

Saturday it rained so our extremely busy day (Cheer Pictures, Football Game, Opening Ceremony activities, Addison's t-ball game and 2 birthday parties) was reduced to one birthday party. It made for a nice lazy day. Especially since that one party wasn't until 7pm. I have to say though, I AM SICK OF THE RAIN!!! I've lost count of how many days it has been raining, but I know it has been too many.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to our wonderful, amazing Princess Maddie!

My Beautiful Maddie-I can't believe how fast you are growing up. It is amazing what a mature little girl you are turning into. You are such a great helper and an exceptional big sissy! It seems like only yesterday that you made your grand entrance into this world and stole our hearts forever. Happy 7th Birthday Sweetie! I Love You!--♥ Mommy

Untitled from april varney on Vimeo.

Today I will bringing cupcakes to Maddie's school for her to share with her class. She is very excited. We went to Walmart last night to pick them out. She picked a chocolate Hannah Montana guitar cupcake cake without hesitation. She also picked Hannah Montana napkins and Koolaid coolers for drinks.

Traditionally on her birthday she gets to pick anything she could think of for her breakfast. (It is inevitably gonna be a day filled with sugar.) Guess what she picked....cake! It is a little bitty white cake with sprinkles and she was a little disappointed when I told her she had to share it with Maycee. She'll be happy in a 2 weeks when Maycee has to share her special breakfast in return. ;-)

She also has a lunch surprise coming at school tomorrow that she has no idea about, so that will be very exciting for her. After all the sugar and excitement, it will be a miracle if she keeps up this year's pattern of no color changes at school.

After school Maddie won't get her normal choice of dinner out with family because she has cheer practice until 7:30 and Girl Scouts registration after that. Dinner has been postponed until Friday night, but the location is still anybody's guess as she hasn't decided.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Girls Night Out (Popstar Style)

The whole group. Don't they make cute popstars? Actually it was the best we could do with 1 hours notice.
Friday night I got an email from Sweet and Sassy that they were having a girls night out. It included pizza, drinks, hairstyles, makeup, nail polish, 2.5 of free time for Mom and Dad and best of all a ride in the Pink LIMO. They have been wanting to ride in that limo since this place opened . They were having a special if you signed up as a group, so we got Maddie, Maycee, Addison, Elli and Kara signed up to go together.
It didn't take long for them to head back and join the fun. I had to remind them to tell us bye!
Lauren stopped and bought them all digital cameras. (Thanks Lauren!) You can see them in their hands in this picture and you can also see Addison in the background getting her nails done. I put their names on them, but Addison, Maycee and Elli took the paper covers with their names off. Now their cameras are all messed up and Maycee is very adamant that the pictures she ended up with are not hers because it is full of pictures of kids she doesn't know and she didn't take pictures of kids she doesn't know.
I guess I have to believe her and feel bad for her because here is a picture of her taking Elli's picture and there are no pictures of Elli on the camera she ended up with. This is very upsetting to a 4 year old. :( , but we have had a long discussion about why I put her name on it and why she should leave the name on it next time. Hopefully she learned from it. We arrived a little early to pick them up and they were still enjoying some music and the runway.
Maddie and Kara
Maddie, Maycee, Kara and Elli
Maycee and Addison



Maddie, Maycee and Kara

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cathryn Nicole "Katie"

On Sunday morning at around 1am my best friend Mickie and her husband Pat welcomed their new baby girl, Cathryn but she will be called Katie. She was 9lbs. even and 22.5 inches long. Her middle name is Nicole. Just like me :-)

Look at those precious feet!

She is a beautiful little girl. She has tons of dark hair with little highlights of lighter brown.

Mickie was looking wonderful and has a natural Mommy touch with Katie. It was wonderful to see them together. It is obvious that Mickie and Pat are going to make great parents.

Some friends from school and I surprised Mickie by all going to visit at the same time and it was really fun to see each other and enjoy little Katie together.
Me, Amie, Mickie and Katie, Kelly, Jana

Congratulations, Mickie and Pat. She is gorgeous! I can't wait to see her again.

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