Thursday, September 24, 2009

Family Project

Maddie had her first family project for 1st grade due last week. She had to do something to represent her family, her home and what her family enjoyed together.

This is the poster we made.

She did all the cutting and gluing herself. I helped her lay it all out on the poster board and gave her the topics to write about.

Didn't she do a great job? She loved those crazy scrapbooking scissors :) That was what took most of our time.

We already found out that she got a 100 for a grade. It wasn't too hard to get though, because you got 60 points just for turning it in on time.

Maycee and Maddie were having a hard time agreeing on just how much Maycee should be helping on this family project, so Maycee got to make her own project with some of the leftover pictures. She scored a 100 also!!


Tina said...

LOVE it....great job girls!



April said...

Thanks Mom, They were very proud of their work :)

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