Friday, July 31, 2009

Cheerleading Practice

The girls are both cheering again this year. They love it. They are both on the same team and our friend Lauren and her sister Holly are their coaches. They are cheering for a 7/8 team which should be interesting for Maycee, but so far she seems to be keeping up.

It has been keeping us busy though. They are practicing 3 days a week until school starts. These are some pictures from a few of their practices.

Maddie stunting with the high school cheerleaders. She was so proud and Maycee was so jealous. :)
Practicing a stunt.
Maycee being Maycee!!
Maycee needs help with her cartwheel, PLEASE Aunt Ashley ;) I don't even know what she was doing here for sure. I thought it was an attempt at a cartwheel when I took the pic from the stands, but now I think it looks like more of a handstand on her head, LOL. Poor Maycee didn't hasn't had gymnastics classes since she was 2, I think. At least she tries, though.
Maddie stunting.
Maycee stunting. She makes me nervous when she stunts because she is so darn silly and not afraid to fall.
Maddie and Kara getting ready to "help" Maycee and Elli with their cartwheels.
Practicing cartwheels (or maybe handstands?) Maycee, Elli, Lauren, Kara

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weather Girl

Maddie has always been our little meteorologist. She is always awake when there are storms and always watching the weather and listening to weather reports even when we aren't paying attention. Sometimes she'll surprise me by repeating that there was a thunderstorm warning in some random town that I've never heard of and when asked how she knows she heard it on the radio or something. It's really strange. Neither Guy or I are weather watchers so now we have Maddie to watch out for us.

Last night the weather here got pretty bad. Maddie came and got in our bed sometime early this morning to tell me that the weather was scaring her. I hadn't even realized it was raining before she woke me. I started listening to the weather man and sure enough there were some tornado warnings in the Dallas area. I watched for a while and then told Maddie it looked like everything was okay and I was going back to sleep. She said "Okay, don't worry! I'll wake you up if there is a Tornado Warning in Little Elm." LOL . I tried to tell her to go to sleep, but she wasn't having it. I woke up an hour or so later and she was sleeping. When I got up this morning if found this......

Apparently while I was sleeping she prepared the house in case we had a tornado. I'm not sure what the camera was for. I guess she was going to document the tornado so we could blog about it. :0)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hairbow Giveaway!!

Head over to my Mom's blog @ , and enter to win a chance to win some hairbows that I made. She is giving them away to celebrate her 10,000th visitor. Be sure to read the rules and leave a comment to enter for one of the bows and for the other check her counter at the bottom of the page and take a picture or do a screen print and send it to her if you are the 10,000th visitor. I think she said you can even leave a comment every day until she reaches 10,000 for more chances to win :)

Good Luck!!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Beach and Baby Shower

In the middle of July we went down to Beaumont for Mickie's Baby shower. Mickie and I have been friends since Elementary school. She is pregnant with her first little girl Catherine Nicole and I couldn't be more happy for her. She is due August 31 and I can't wait until it is time to meet her. The shower was on Sunday so went down on Friday and stayed the whole weekend. I don't have any pictures from the shower, but a friend sent me this picture 6 of us that were all friends in school.

It was so nice to see them all. Three of them I hadn't seen since graduation, Amie I haven't seen since Maddie was still riding in her infant carrier carseat and I talk to Mickie at least once a week, but don't get to see her near enough.

On Saturday, we went to Crystal Beach. The last time we had been there was when I wrote this post about the damage from Hurricane Ike. It has improved so much. I was really impressed with the progress that they have made. There are still lots of things that are gone that we missed (especially the water slide) and lots of destruction, but lots of cabins are repaired or rebuilt and there were several resteraunts back open.

Anyway we went with Laurie, Nat, Sarah and Linh, Michael and Caleb. Everyone had a great time except Maycee. She wasn't herself all day. She got sand in her eyes and cried for a long time, fell on the skim board and skinned her booty all up on the shells and fell asleep. Later she came down with a high fever. I felt really bad for her because she would have had so much fun if she had been feeling better. She turned out to have a virus. :(

Maddie and Maycee
Sarah and Laurie

Nat, Caleb, Maddie and Maycee. They went over to look at the shark head and were yelling "Dead Fish" when Guy was taking their picture. So Silly!

The kids loved grabbing the bait fish that Michael and Nat were catching and throwing them in the bucket.

Enjoying the water.

Maddie on the skim board. I have no idea why the picture looks this way, it is kinda creepy though. Almost like you can see through her???
Maycee falling off the skim board. This is when she skinned up her booty.

Nat on the skim board. He didn't fall. It looks like he is falling, but he was able to catch himself and stay on his feet :)

Linh and Michael. They are expecting a new baby also.

Maycee sleeping on the beach. It looks like her head is laying on the sand, but it wasn't when I laid her down??
Maycee with her silly goggles.

Uncle Nat buying the kids any ice cream.

Caleb and Michael fishing.

Maddie eating her tomato that she brought with her from Nana and Papa's garden.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


We have spent ALOT of time camping this summer. These are some random pictures of all of our fun. It is so nice to be at the lake. It is relaxing and the kids can have so much more freedom than at home. They love to be outside.

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