Friday, July 31, 2009

Cheerleading Practice

The girls are both cheering again this year. They love it. They are both on the same team and our friend Lauren and her sister Holly are their coaches. They are cheering for a 7/8 team which should be interesting for Maycee, but so far she seems to be keeping up.

It has been keeping us busy though. They are practicing 3 days a week until school starts. These are some pictures from a few of their practices.

Maddie stunting with the high school cheerleaders. She was so proud and Maycee was so jealous. :)
Practicing a stunt.
Maycee being Maycee!!
Maycee needs help with her cartwheel, PLEASE Aunt Ashley ;) I don't even know what she was doing here for sure. I thought it was an attempt at a cartwheel when I took the pic from the stands, but now I think it looks like more of a handstand on her head, LOL. Poor Maycee didn't hasn't had gymnastics classes since she was 2, I think. At least she tries, though.
Maddie stunting.
Maycee stunting. She makes me nervous when she stunts because she is so darn silly and not afraid to fall.
Maddie and Kara getting ready to "help" Maycee and Elli with their cartwheels.
Practicing cartwheels (or maybe handstands?) Maycee, Elli, Lauren, Kara


Tina said...


I love the new blog...great job!

I love the cheerleader pictures...I have been saving the things for the girls for the spirit sticks....


Juls said...

How fun! My Maeci is in her 2nd year of Jr. High cheerleading and she loves it! :) We don't have a program for younger girls to do cheerleading around here... I think Mae would have loved it if we did. Very cool! I'm e-mailing you about those shirts, cause they're too adorable, and I think you're so creative...I'm so not!

Carrie Guernsey said...

I love the new look of your blog. And of course the girls are as beautiful as always. Maycee is doing a very good job keeping up!

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