Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Maycee is playing soccer. Her team is called the Pink Ponies. She really seems to like it. No picking grass or talking to her friends on the field like Maddie :-)

Her first game was Saturday Morning. It was COLD! If I remember correctly it was 36 degrees and 15 mile per hour winds, but she didn't really complain.


Ready for the first kickoff

It's so cold. We should have brought her some gloves.

Her team lost, big time. They only scored 2 goals. Maycee didn't score any, but she tried hard.

Monday, she had another game. She played even better than the first. She came soooo close to scoring 3 different times. She kicked the ball and it bounced off the goal post twice. She really wanted to score. Maybe this Saturday!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to Ashley,
Happy Birthday to You!

Last Wednesday was Ashley's actual Birthday, but we celebrated on Sunday with Fried Shrimp and Birthday Cake.
She had ALOT of candles on her cake this year.

Look at all those piggy tails.
Jackson, Maycee, Ashley, Kennedi, Maddie and Addison
And look at baby Kennedi. Hasn't she changed so much since I last posted a picture of her.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance Round 2

Friday started with Maddie's Valentines party at school. I could do a whole post on uninvolved, irresponsible parents, but I will spare you. The kids had a great time. Maddie pulled up a chair for Maycee and she got to join in the fun.

The neighborhood kids. Aren't they cute?
The neighborhood kindergartners:)
Getting her hair done

Maycee at soccer practice. Doesn't she look silly? We had to leave straight from school to get Maddie's hair done and straight from there for soccer practice. I forgot clothes for Maycee. Oops. At least she had leggings under that skirt.

Maddie and her Daddy, She looked so pretty and grown up!

Don't they look cute?

The Daddy's and the Girl's

Maddie, Elli and Sofia

I don't have any pictures from the actual dance. Guy won't take my camera because it won't fit in his pocket and it's too much trouble to carry around, but they said they had a good time. Guy said Maddie was dancing the whole time. It was a little different than the dance that he has taken her to before though because this time she had a big group of friends to hang out with. She had all these girls, plus Kara and some girls from her class.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Skirt That Wasn't Meant To Be....

My two friends and I each made our girls this skirt for the Daddy Daughter Dance tonight. They each have a girl in Kindergarten with Maddie and all the girls are friends. Carrie also has a little boy in Kindergarten and he got a matching tie for school. (There was gonna be one more boy with a matching tie, but he's sick today and didn't get to go to school.)

It was a nightmare. I had the worst luck with this skirt. I almost gave up at 11pm last night when I accidentally cut a hole in the waist part with the serger. I was all done and just cleaning up the seams a little. I could have cried. I had to cut the whole waist off and redo the elastic and reattach it to the skirt part.
I had also forgotten to add in the tulle layer earlier in the pattern and had to take it apart to put it in. That's what I get for chatting on the phone and sewing at the same time:)
I am very happy with the way it turned out in the end. It looks a little wonky in the picture, but I promise it's not. I spent way too much time on this skirt for it to be wonky. Maddie said she "loved" it this morning. She wore it to school. Hopefully she won't get anything on it. I have a backup shirt if hers gets stained, but I don't have a backup skirt and I'm certainly not gonna be whippin' another one up before 7 tonight!

I made hairbows for all three girls and my friend Carrie is making ties for the guys out of the same fabric as the skirt. She is appliqueing a hot pink heart on the tie. Guy's not gonna be excited about the pink heart, but I think he'll wear it because Maddie's gonna love it.

I'll post more pictures later tonight!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

100 Days of School

Yesterday was Maddie's 100th day of Kindergarten. It seems like it just started, but at the same time I am ready for summer.

She had to bring in 100 of an item separated into groups of 10. After at least an hour of roaming around Hobby Lobby and deciding on at least three other items she finally decided to bring beads. She found some really cute heart beads.

Do you want to know what beads she wanted to buy? Crystal beads that were $2 for every 5 beads. Hmm, that would only have been $40 worth of beads. She was very upset that I wouldn't buy the "pretty" beads, but she made do.

And she did a very good job of stringing them in sets of 10. I just thought she would put 10 of the same color on each string, but she made patterns and she was very proud of her patterns.She put on all the stickers herself. She even spelled 'beads' correctly.
Maddie is learning so much in Kindergarten. She is writing sentences like "I like to pay in the sno." and reading simple books. She knows so many sight words. Last night when she was in bed I heard her talking in her room and went to see what she was doing and she was laying in bed reading "Bathtime for Biscuit" all by herself. And she was really reading it, not just making up words. Actually she reads that particular book to us all the time for her reading log, but it was the first time I saw her read on her own just for fun! What a big girl. What happened to this baby?
Tonight I was sewing away in our room when Guy came in and said "now that was lazy, what did you need?" He said it jokingly, but I didn't know what he was talking about. (It would be pretty lazy by the way, since it about 8 steps from our bedroom to the living room." He said "you called me in the living room from the bedroom?" But I hadn't. At the same time we both said "MAYCEE". Sure enough, she had my cell phone in her bedroom and had called Guy. She was supposed to be sleeping.

A little while later, I noticed that the bathroom light was on. I went to see why and this is what I found.
Just a few minutes ago a friend called on my cellphone and said the house phone has been busy for at least 2 hours. I can't find one of the phones so it must be turned on. I'm betting that Maycee had something to do with that too. :) Hmm I wonder who else she called besides Guy tonight. If it was you, we are sorry!!
That girls just doesn't like to sleep.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance

Today was a Daddy Daughter Dance that Maycee and Guy went to. Maddie chose to go to the one next week on Friday. It is here close to our house and it is the one that all of her friends are going to. Maddie and I stayed home and worked on her project for school next week. We had a good time. Maycee went to the one that Maddie has gone to the last 2 years.

Maycee was very excited that she is finally old enough to go to the dance. She went to Sweet and Sassy this morning to have her hair, makeup and nails done. Then she came home and got all dressed up for the dance.
Here are some pictures of Maycee and Guy today:

So next week is Maddie's turn. We will be doing all this again on Friday! :)
I posted some new stuff on Three Little Divas. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Maycee is keeping us on our toes!!!

It has been an interesting few days!

Saturday was Maycee's first soccer practice. She loved it. She was very interested. Maybe a little annoying to the coach. She was just so excited that she couldn't stop talking to him. At least she was talking soccer!

Saturday night I had a Girls Night Out with the ladies in my neighborhood. We were going to hang out here in the neighborhood and Guy and the girls were going to another friends house for the kids to play. While I was getting dressed Guy ran to Dollar General for drinks for the kids and took Maycee with him. When they got back Maycee had a little more merchandise than Guy paid for.
She had this that she had stolen!

I told her she had to bring it back and tell them that she had stolen it. I also told her that it would be up to the store if they called the police and had her taken to jail. (I really wanted to scare her.) So she hugged Guy, got some money out of her bank and got in the car. When we got to the store I went back to get her out and the only thing she said was "I don't even have any socks."

Great that's all she cared about, whether or not she had socks in jail. She was very serious, too! They were very nice and told her that they were very upset, but would forgive her. They also said she better not steal again. When we got in the car she told me she was "very lucky." Hopefully she learned her lesson.

So they still went over to our friends house and had a good time playing with Kai and Elli. They are twins who go to school with Maddie. In the morning Guy told me Maddie got a love note. He said that Kai had given him a note for Maddie and asked him to give it to Maddie in the car. This is the note. Guy said he was gonna have to have a talk with Kai :) He's just joking, I think. LOL

Sunday we went to a crawfish boil for the Superbowl. I won $40. Yay! The girls can both peel their own crawfish now and they love them.

Evidently Maddie fell asleep in class yesterday. I guess we stayed out too late for the superbowl. She said she fell asleep after math and her teacher woke her up when it was time to go home. I just can't figure out how close to the end of the day math is. She said she didn't get in trouble. She went to bed extra early last night so she should be able to stay awake all day today.

Today, Maycee had preschool. I just took her a few minutes ago. On the way, she was eating a box of raisins. She said "here Mom." I stuck my hand back thinking she was gonna hand me the empty raisin box. Before I could look back and see what she handed my she said, "Can you believe that big ole' booger was in my nose!" It was disgusting, but she thought it was pretty funny. She is such a little turkey!

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