Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Maycee is playing soccer. Her team is called the Pink Ponies. She really seems to like it. No picking grass or talking to her friends on the field like Maddie :-)

Her first game was Saturday Morning. It was COLD! If I remember correctly it was 36 degrees and 15 mile per hour winds, but she didn't really complain.


Ready for the first kickoff

It's so cold. We should have brought her some gloves.

Her team lost, big time. They only scored 2 goals. Maycee didn't score any, but she tried hard.

Monday, she had another game. She played even better than the first. She came soooo close to scoring 3 different times. She kicked the ball and it bounced off the goal post twice. She really wanted to score. Maybe this Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

We have been on soccer now for over a week please update your page. I need to see more bows. LOL

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