Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prepare to be Totally Grossed Out!

Yesterday Maddie had dance class for 1.5 hours. So Maycee and I went to Walmart for groceries and Halloween candy.

When we got home the girls went in the back yard to play while I cooked dinner. After a few minutes Maddie came running in from the backyard saying Maycee had gum in her hair. This was more of a problem than it seems because I didn't give Maycee any gum and we don't let them have gum at all anymore because this isn't the first time we've had the gum in the hair problem. I found Maycee at the back door with her hands covering the side of her head and the conversation went something like this.

Me: "Maycee do you have gum in your hair?"
Maycee: "yep"
Me: "Where did you get gum?"
Maycee: "Walmart"
Now the most rational thought would be that she stole it, right? Oh no, not Maycee.
Me: "Did you steal a pack of gum from Walmart?"
Maycee: "Nope, I found it on the basket."
Yes she said she found it as in already chewed gum. Didn't we call that ABC gum in school?
Me: (In my, I'm very angry voice)"Maycee, why on earth would you put some nasty, gross, germy, disgusting gum that some other person already chewed in your mouth?"
Maycee: (In her calmest, I have a very logical explanation for you voice) "Because it was pink"

After chewing someone else's gum for at least an hour she had the nerve to gag because it was gross that I was putting peanut butter in her hair.

As you can see, the gum wasn't stuck in her hair as bad as it could have been and I was able to get it all out with peanut butter without using scissors at all.

We had a long talk about other peoples germs and how gross it is to put things in you mouth, but quite honestly I really don't think she sees my point. It was Pink gum after all.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday, we met up with Ashley, Adam and Addison on took the the kids to a pumpkin patch.

They had a great time. There was a train, bounce houses, hay mazes and lots of pumpkins. The kids each got to pick a pumpkin to take home and they had snow cones.

Maddie and Maycee

Guy enjoying his sausage on a stick and kettle corn.

Maycee on the giant pumpkin.

Maddie on the Giant Pumpkin All the girls heading out to look at all the pumpkins.
My Family
Maycee on the Train

Adam and Addison on the train

Maddie in the bounce house.
Maycee with the pumpkin she picked out. She refused to look at the camera because she was still checking out the bin to make sure that was the pumpkin she wanted. (She must have changed again after I took this picture because the one she came home with doesn't have a stem.)
Maddie with her pumpkin. That is definitely the one she came home with.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Highschool Football

Wow! Highschool Football has changed in the 13 years since I graduated. I can't believe it's been that long.

We went to the Lobo Varsity Game tonight. The stadium is unbelievable. It has assigned seating with auditorium type chairs, a Lobo apparel store in the lower level, AstroTurf, and a scoreboard with a huge video screen for sponsor commercials and instant replay. Yes instant replay. I was amazed. I am assuming all high school football games are like this now. It seems more like college football. I wonder if this is the way it's always been here. Maybe its because I went to a small school. I'm gonna have to find out if good ole' H-F has instant replay now.

The field Maddie and Maycee's flag football team plays on at the Middle School is more like what my high school had.

I think the girls enjoyed the game. If I asked them to rate it I'm pretty sure they liked the hot dogs, the root beer, the cheerleaders, the band/flags/drill team and then the football game in that order. Although, Maddie is starting to pay the slightest bit of attention to the game. She pointed out tonight that they can't go outside the lines with the ball just like soccer and that the band plays the same song every time they score a touchdown.

These are some pictures they took of each other with their pom-poms on their heads.

I only took a few pics. It embarrassed the crap out of Guy that I was taking pictures, so I didn't keep the camera out for long. Oh and by the way, the Lobos lost 64-35.

Just Playing Around With Photoshop

You can click these to enlarge. Enjoy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lucky Streak

In the last 2 weeks Guy and I both won something in different raffles. I won 4 football tickets and 2 Lobo T-shirts tonight at the HOA meeting and last week Guy won Free Registration for the next sport the girls play through our local youth sports association. And now that I think about it this luck isn't just us. My Dad won a Golf Cart at a tournament a few weeks ago. Compared to his win ours was nothing, but it sure is fun to win something, no matter how small. Wow!! I sure hope this luck sticks around.

Nothing exciting happened here today. Maycee and I picked up a couple of pumpkins that I am going to try to spray paint like some pictures in Good Housekeeping. We'll see. It seemed easy enough.

I don't have any pics today so here are a few from 1 year ago today. These were at the pumpkin patch on a very windy, hot day. Most of the pictures have hair blowing in their faces.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Camping Was Fun...But There Is Nothing Like a Hot Bath at Home

We went camping this weekend. It was only the third or fourth time we used the camper.

The weather was very nice. It was definately Fall weather. We went up on Friday afternoon and enjoyed a nice fire to keep us warm. Maddie thought she could get the fire started with two sticks. When asked where she learned that, she looked at us crazy and said "on TV" with a little attitude.

The girls explored the nearby woods looking for bears. After a few minutes of bear talk Addison decided to stay out of the woods. Maddie and Maycee kept on their bear hunt and eventually found one. (Adam hiding in the woods with a garbage bag over his head.) Below is the result of their discovery.

We also rode bikes, played at the park, rode in the boat, played playdough, read the Twilight Series & learned that skunks don't respond to "get".

Addison practicing using the potty with extreme safety measures.

Saturday night by the fire Maddie and Maycee taught us the Tooty Tot. It goes something like...
Thumbs up,
elbows back,
feet apart,
knees together,
bottoms up,
eyes shut,
tongues out
and then with your tongue out you sing
the tooty tot, the tooty tot, the tooty ta-ta.

Anyway this is evidently a song they both learned at school...different schools. I would like to see the teachers doing it? I never did get a very clear answer for when they do this at school, but it's pretty funny. And it makes for some very funny pictures.

Nana and Papa learning the Tooty Tot
Maddie and Maycee showing us the Tooty Tot

Saturday morning we had to get up early to go to their football game and Maddie's soccer game.

Saturday afternoon we took the girls to the park to enjoy their lollipops from Maycee's carnival birthday party and snap some pictures.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Growing Up!

Maddie looked so grown up before school this morning. I don't know if it was her new gap jeans or her new 'high heel' as she calls them grown up looking shoes, but it was like she matured over night. I decided to snap a few pictures on our way to school. It was finally cool enough for fall clothes....let's just hope this weather sticks around for a little while!

I was looking through old pictures and found these from one year ago today. We were at a Halloween party at the Wiggly Play Center.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Maycee Kissed a Boy

Yesterday started out quiet. Maddie and Guy went fishing and Maycee and I went to get a birthday present for a little boy in her preschool class.

When Maddie and Guy got home from fishing I asked her if they caught any fish and she told me that Guy had "caught a fish, but he pulled too hard and yanked the hook out of it's mouth." Too bad we didn't get to see it huh? When I asked Guy how it went he said that within the first hour Maddie got so good at casting (she's been practicing in the front yard) that she cast the whole fishing pole right out of the boat. I'm glad I wasn't there for that meltdown. Maycee told Maddie she could borrow her fishing pole next time since hers was in the lake, but if she "threw it in the lake too" she would have to buy her a new one. That didn't make Maddie very happy since she "didn't THROW it in the lake." Last weekend Guy took Maycee fishing and she pee'd all over the console in his truck while he was launching the boat because he couldn't get her to the bathroom fast enough. I bet next weekend Guy goes fishing alone. :)

Ashley's baby shower was next. We are getting closer and closer to meeting Baby Avery. I can't wait to be an Aunt again. She should be here around the end of November. Just in time for Christmas. The shower was at Lauren's house and everything was very nice.

These are the only two pictures I have on my camera. I took a whole bunch with Ashley's camera.

Last of the day was the birthday party Maycee had been talking about for two weeks. She told me it was "a boy party, but girls could go." There were several kids from her class there and she had a great time except for when Chuck E. Cheese came up from behind her and scared the crap out of her. He scared her so bad she spilled her drink everywhere. When it was time to go I told her to go and tell the birthday boy bye and thanks for inviting her. We found him playing air hockey with his Mom and Grandmother and Maycee not only told him bye and thanks, but she also hugged him and gave him a big ole kiss right on the lips. He kissed her right back. Thankfully, his Mom and Grandmother were laughing hysterically because it would have been very uncomfortable for me if they hadn't seen the humor in it. Everyone else thought is was funny also, except Guy. He doesn't think it's one tiny bit funny.

Today Maddie was out of school for a teacher workday. I hoped we would all get to sleep in, but Maycee was up at 7:15 as usual.

Kaleigh took the girls to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua. They said it was very funny. Kaleigh stopped at the 7-11 to buy them candy and a drink and told them she would get them popcorn at the theater. She told them not to tell the people that she had candy and drinks in her purse because you're not really supposed to bring it in. Well they didn't actually come right out and tell anyone, but when they were paying for the popcorn Maycee said "Hey K, do you think we need some of these straws for our drinks in your purse?" Oops, busted. Kaleigh said the employee didn't say anything to her, but I think she was pretty embarressed.

I would have had lots of time to myself except I forgot to get my key off my keyring when we traded cars. Oh well, thankfully Guy was nice enough to meet me and give me his key and I still had enough time to get Maddie's closet all switched over to mostly fall and winter clothes. Maycee's will just have to wait for another day. It's not like we can wear fall clothes yet anyway. It's just wishful thinking.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Busy Saturday

Saturdays have been very busy for us this year. Maddie is playing soccer and Guy is her assistant coach. Both girls are doing Cheerleading for a flag football team. They are the Blue Lobos. I don't know what I was thinking signing them up for two things that ran during the same exact months. Well I do know what I was thinking, but it didn't happen the way I thought. I figured there are 10 games each what were the chances that more than 1 or 2 would overlap. Well evidently the chances are pretty good because we have 6 out of 10 that either completely overlap or make us late to one or the other. Good thing both girls could cheer on the same team this year.

Today we had a soccer game at 8am (Maycee and I skipped it.) and a football game at 9am. Maddie was a little late (and tired) for cheerleading, but at least we were done early. We went to Grapevine Mills and Guy's favorite Bass Pro afterwards.

Here are a few pics from Cheerleading so far this season, the ones from today came out awful. The Lobo Blue team lost today. I think they have lost all but one game, but the cheerleaders don't notice. I'm not sure they realize that some of the people in the stands are there to watch the game and not the cheerleaders???

When we got home tonight I decided I needed a picture of Guy and I for the side of this blog. I decided to ask Maddie to take one. Well she did get one that would work but here are a few others.....

While we were taking these Maddie told Guy "Come on let's see a smile, show me some teeth!"

It is also very evident that Maycee wasn't happy that she wasn't the subject of these pictures.

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