Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prepare to be Totally Grossed Out!

Yesterday Maddie had dance class for 1.5 hours. So Maycee and I went to Walmart for groceries and Halloween candy.

When we got home the girls went in the back yard to play while I cooked dinner. After a few minutes Maddie came running in from the backyard saying Maycee had gum in her hair. This was more of a problem than it seems because I didn't give Maycee any gum and we don't let them have gum at all anymore because this isn't the first time we've had the gum in the hair problem. I found Maycee at the back door with her hands covering the side of her head and the conversation went something like this.

Me: "Maycee do you have gum in your hair?"
Maycee: "yep"
Me: "Where did you get gum?"
Maycee: "Walmart"
Now the most rational thought would be that she stole it, right? Oh no, not Maycee.
Me: "Did you steal a pack of gum from Walmart?"
Maycee: "Nope, I found it on the basket."
Yes she said she found it as in already chewed gum. Didn't we call that ABC gum in school?
Me: (In my, I'm very angry voice)"Maycee, why on earth would you put some nasty, gross, germy, disgusting gum that some other person already chewed in your mouth?"
Maycee: (In her calmest, I have a very logical explanation for you voice) "Because it was pink"

After chewing someone else's gum for at least an hour she had the nerve to gag because it was gross that I was putting peanut butter in her hair.

As you can see, the gum wasn't stuck in her hair as bad as it could have been and I was able to get it all out with peanut butter without using scissors at all.

We had a long talk about other peoples germs and how gross it is to put things in you mouth, but quite honestly I really don't think she sees my point. It was Pink gum after all.


Cruikshank Family said...

Hi April! It's Gayla! I don't know what it is about WalMart and ABC gum, but I have a story, too! Mom and I were with Darcy when she was 2 or 3. I looked down and Darcy was chewing gum. I said, "Mom! Why did you give Darcy gum! She's too young!" She said, "I didn't give her any gum!" I looked at Darcy and I asked where she got it and she pointed to the FLOOR!!!!!!! YIKES! I feel your anxiety. I bet we're not the only two! HAHAHAHAHA!
Take care.

April said...

That is funny Gayla. Thanks for the support. It's nice to know I'm not alone.


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