Saturday, November 1, 2008


We had a great Halloween.

Maddie had a Fall Festival at school. They had a bounce house, petting zoo, scooter races, parachute, and sidewalk chalk. This is what I have been working on finding volunteers for. It's not as easy to find parents to volunteer as I expected, but I ended up with just enough people and the kids had a great time.

Maddie making a mask.

Maddie playing scarecrow ring toss.

Getting ready for ring toss.

Ashley let Maycee spend the night Thursday and stay all day Friday so that I could work at the festival. It was very appreciated. Maycee would have been miserable. It was pretty hot and busy. I was there from 7:30-2:45. I definitely wouldn't have made it all day with Maycee and she would have been a grump for Trick-or-Treating.

For Halloween night we went to my parents house. My Dad made Gumbo, YUMMY!
Maddie, Maycee and Addison went Trick-or-Treating around their neighborhood.

Witch Maddie and Fairy Maycee

Maycee and Maddie with their little ladybug cousin.

Addison opening more candy.

Maddie applying glow in the dark lipstick. In case you were wondering it doesn't work, neither did her glow in the dark nail polish.

Maycee waiting patiently to go Trick-or-Treating

Maddie and Addison heading out for candy.

Fairy Maycee casting spells.

Trick-or-Treating at Bill and Ann's house

This is what happened to the water when Maddie got her hair wet. We had sprayed it with black hairspray. I don't know what I was thinking. Maycee and Addison were dirtier after their bath than before.

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