Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Kennedi Grace

Here are some more pictures of Kennedi. I was too tired to edit the rest last night. She is precious. She has tiny features and the longest little toes. Addison is in love with her 'baby siser.' And Maddie and Maycee think she is the greatest. They started asking the minute they opened their eyes this morning when we are going to see Kennedi and Ashley. Enjoy!
The Big Sister

Waiting for Miss Kennedi
Look at those little toes. So Sweet!

Aunt Kay and Addison

Nana and Kennedi

Adam, Addison and Kennedi

See how Addison is holding her arms?
She was saying "My Turn"

Uncle Guy and Kennedi
Maddie and Kennedi
Ashley, Adam and Kennedi
She is just adorable!
Maycee and Kennedi
The girls checking Kennedi out with Ashley

Papa and Kennedi
Ashley and Kennedi

The door wreath I made for Kennedi

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