Monday, November 3, 2008

A Lazy Weekend

After Halloween night, we didn't do much else this weekend.

The girls had a football game to cheer at on Saturday and Maddie had a soccer game in the afternoon.

Believe it or not a mother actually showed up to this game drunk. Unbelievable, it was horrible. She wasn't just a little drunk, she was stumbling around with make-up smeared on her face humiliating her child. I was embarrassed to be on the same team as her as well as embarrassed for her. The only positive is that she hadn't driven herself. Why on earth the sober person who brought her let her humiliate herself like that I will never understand. She said her daughter was tired because they had been out late at a Halloween party. It was 9am in the morning!!!! Lady I think everyone is already acutely aware that you were out partying last night. I felt so bad for the little girl. It was so sad. Someone called her grandmother to come and pick her up.

Anyway, here is the cheerleading squad with their football team. Don't they all look enthused to be taking a picture together. The boys were all hollering that the girls stunk. HaHa!

Maddie with her friend from her class at school.

The team with their coaches. We only have one more game, unless we win on Saturday. It is the first playoff game. Yeah, I said the other day that they had only won one game, but everyone goes to the playoffs, there are only 3 teams. I'm not counting on advancing to the next game.

On Sunday, Guy went fishing so I took the girls to our new McDonald's for lunch and to play and then we came home to paint. These girls love art. They will draw, color, paint or anything else art related for hours.

Maddie with her completed project.

They painted in the front yard so that I didn't have a huge mess to clean up. The weather was beautiful this weekend.

Maycee with her project. She was mad when I made them put up the paint. She said she wasn't finished with hers even though as you can see she had covered every single inch of the paper with paint.

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