Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight, Haircuts and Poo!

First off, I haven't had the best afternoon-not the worst either-but anyway.
1. I found a great art table on sale at Pottery Barn Kids for $130. It would have been a great Christmas present for our little artists (and I wouldn't have minded getting all the art off the kitchen table). It had a few tiny dings, but the girls would marker it up in no time anyway. It's an art table after all. Anyway I finally talked myself into it a couple of hours after I saw it, Guy agreed to it and I went to get it, but by the time I got to the mall it was already gone:(
2. Don't tell Guy, but I accidentally hit his truck mirror with my Tahoe
mirror while I was talking on the phone to my Mom and trying to back out of the
driveway. In my defense, he did park a little crooked. It didn't hurt
either mirror much.
3. My computer wouldn't recognize my camera when I came to start writing.
4. After I rebooted the computer it wouldn't recognize the wireless mouse
or keyboard even with new batteries. I had to reboot again.

Even with my afternoon problems Ashley definitely wins the bad day award. When she put Addison down for a nap today, she pooped, took off her pullup and tried to clean it up herself. The things I can remember Ashley saying there was poop on were the bedspread, toys, the dresser, a baby doll, some clothes hanging in the closet and the carpet. As a matter of fact, there was so much on the carpet that Addison put on her crocs to try to keep it off her feet. Can't you see it naked baby, full of poo, wearing crocs. I guess Addison wanted to end her only child days with a bang!

Yesterday, we had a busy day. Guy went fishing at daylight and then came home and hung our Christmas lights on the house. We had to guard the bottom of the ladder because Maycee was just itching to get on the roof with Guy.

Last night we went to Mom and Dad's house to watch football. When Kaleigh got off work, I went with her and my Mom to see Twilight. It was a great movie. If you haven't yet you should read the books and see the movie. I enjoyed the books more than any book I have read in a while. They are the kind that keep you up all night because you just can't stop reading and then when they are done you wish you had read them slower because you don't want it to be over. The guys watched the girls. This is what we found when we came home.
Aren't they sweet.
Today the girls got haircuts. Maycee got 2" cut off and Maddie got 3" cut off. She wanted more off and I wanted less, so we compromised.

Maddie before.

Didn't he do a great job.

Maddie After.

She said it was a model haircut.

Maycee Before.

Maycee After.

She wasn't too happy that it was time to go to bed.

Tomorrow is the big day. Ashley is being induced. I can't wait to meet my new niece. The girls can't wait to meet their new cousin. It will be an exciting day. I will post pictures as soon as I can. Oh and according to Addison her baby sister is coming on an airplane tomorrow.

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