Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cheer Extravaganza

This week was a very busy week for us. Monday started the book fair at Maddie's school which I worked at every day except Thursday, Tuesday was the PTA meeting, Wednesday morning was Muffins with Mom, and Friday was lunch with your child day. Add in 2 cheerleading practices, 2 days of bringing Maycee to preschool, my week to drive carpool for Maddie, and 1 playdate and I worked harder this week than I ever did at Portrait.

It was all fun though.

Thursday, the one day that I didn't spend at Maddie's school, I got a call from the nurse about 2pm that Maddie had been stung by a bee. The nurse said she was fine and didn't even cry. They were just letting me know. I asked if she was sure she was calling the correct parent because I couldn't imagine Maddie not crying. I can guarantee if that had happened at home it would have been major drama. Maddie is our little Drama Queen.

Last night was the end of season Cheer Extravaganza for the girls cheerleading team. Here is a video of their performance. Maddie is all the way on the right of the screen and Maycee is just to the left of her. Maycee was the youngest on the team, and you can tell. She tried her best and had a great time though.

Maycee, Maddie and Addison
Ashley, Adam, Mom, Guy, Dad, Maddie, Addison and Maycee

After the Extravaganza we went to eat at Posados. Kaleigh had them sing Happy Birthday to Guy. This is the picture of him wearing their 'special' hat. Doesn't he look so excited? I know it's a bad picture, but I had to use my camara on my phone....sorry!

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