Monday, November 3, 2008

Maddie's Decision 2008

Maddie had a mock election at school today. Evidently the teachers didn't tell them anything about the candidates. They just showed them pictures of the two presidential candidates and then let them vote. They also explained that their parents would be voting tomorrow.

So after dinner tonight Maddie came in the living room to tell me about it.

Maddie: "Mom, I voted for president today"
Me: "Really, Who did you vote for?"
Maddie: "Barack Obama, Is that who you are going to vote for?"
Me: "No. How did you decide to vote for Barack Obama?"
Maddie: "I liked his suit."
Me: "What did it look like?"
Maddie: "It was so nice Mom. It was black and it just looked nice."
Me: "What was the other candidate wearing?"
Maddie: "I don't remember"
Me: "Was there anything else that helped you decide who to vote for?"
Maddie: "Nope"

My Mom said she knew all that Gymboree was going to come back to bite us in the butt!

Good thing Maddie's got another 12 years before she can vote in a real election. Hopefully she'll find another way of picking a candidate before then!

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