Monday, November 17, 2008

Time w/Nana and Papa

On Saturday night, Nana and Papa called to see if Maddie and Maycee could spend the night with them. It didn't take us long to say yes. We love them dearly, but we also love the chance to do something by ourselves!

They were very excited to make a pineapple upside down cake. When Papa asked Maddie if she new how to make it she said she only knew how to make an original cake. Then when it was done she wasn't amused that it didn't have icing. Maycee on the other hand loved it.

Guy and I spent the evening Christmas shopping. We went to two ToysRUs and one Target and found lots of things the girls have asked for. We only stopped when Guy's debit card was shut down for suspicious activity. Don't they know it's Christmas time. It's not like we bought the whole store. Anyway it feels good to have a bunch of it out of the way.

When we went to pick the girls up we found them at the playground with Papa. It looks like Papa had as much fun as the girls did!

And just because....

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