Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break

It's Spring Break for the girls this week and we have stayed pretty busy.

On Monday, we went to the gym early and then the girls had Sofia come back to play with them. They had a great time. The weather was beautiful and they played in the backyard for a long time. They even had a little mini picnic. (perfect since I had just mopped the kitchen and Maddie and Maycee always spill :)

Maddie, Maycee and Sofia

On Tuesday, we went with Carrie, Kai and Elli to the Forrest Park Miniature Railroad and then to a duck pond to feed the ducks. We were gone all day long. I think we left around 10:45 and didn't get home until around 7. The kids had a great time and they all got along pretty well.

There was only one little fight. I don't even know what it was about, but it was just like I remember when I was that little. It went something like "I'm not your friend anymore" , "Well, I'm not your friend either." followed by a few seconds of crossed arms and sour faces, then about 10 seconds later I heard "Mom can Elli and Kai come over to play when we get home". It was like a whole 30 second fight. LOL

Maddie and Elli playing at the park

Maddie, Me and Maycee (I stole this one from Carrie's Facebook....Thanks, Carrie)

Maddie and Maycee
Elli, Kai and Maddie

Kai being helpful after lunch

Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Soccer

Maycee had another soccer game on Saturday. It was the first game that the weather was actually nice. I was really hoping she would score another goal since I missed the last one, but she didn't. She did a great job though. She was really focused the first quarter and came very, very close to scoring. By the third quarter, though, she wasn't paying attention. She was much more concerned about what Maddie was doing then playing soccer. Her attention span isn't quite that long yet.

These pictures came out much better than the ones from the other games. Probably because I got up and moved around close to where she was instead of staying in my chair bundled up with a blanket trying to stay warm and get pictures at the same time. :) These were both in the first quarter of the game!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Field Trip

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted again. Time has just been flying by.

Anyway, last Wednesday was Maddie's first field trip. We went to the Frank Buck Zoo. She was just as excited to ride the school bus as she was to go to the zoo. She had a great time! I had a good time too except when one of the little girls in my group fell asleep on me on the bus and when I woke her up at the school I realized that she had drooled on me. YUCK! I really was very lucky though, besides Maddie I just had two other really sweet little girls in my group. I was worried I would have alot more than just 3.

Maddie petting a chinchilla. (that is probably spelled wrong)

Maddie petting a snake. She wasn't really wanting to pet it, but it is amazing what a little Kindergarten peer pressure will do.

Feeding the goat.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I've Been a Bad Blogger

As the anonymous commenter on the last post pointed out it has been at least a week since I last posted. :) Sorry about that!

I have a good reason though. I have been selling so much clothes that I spent most of the week sitting here...

I had lots of orders to finish this week!

I also had to get my stuff ready for Divine Consign. I had tons of clothes to iron, hang, safety pin to hangers and tag to get ready to drop off for the sale on Saturday morning. This is what the living room looked like when Guy came home from work on Friday. And this isn't even everything I had to bring. This is just most of the clothes. There were all kinds of toys and other things in the garage. I sure hope I get a good check!

Last weekend my cousin Wendy and her husband Jason and 2 of their kids were at my parents house so we got to spend some time visiting with them. Maddie and Maycee had a great time playing with their kids. They even spent the night Saturday so they wouldn't lose any playtime with their cousins. Madison and Madeline both go by Maddie so that was fun! Maddie also spent the night with Ashley and Adam on Friday night, so she spent the whole weekend away from home. She left afterschool on Friday and didn't get home until bedtime on Sunday.

Aren't they a cute bunch?

In the hot tub in the 30 degree weather

Posing with their American Girl dolls. Madison and Madeline worked hard dressing their dolls for this picture. Maycee on the other hand just put a bathrobe on hers because I said she couldn't be in the picture naked.

On Sunday Guy went fishing and cut his hand really bad on his trolling motor. It was gross. He cut it between his two middle fingers and he could totally separate his fingers and open it up. He's got stitches now and is healing great. No was too gross and he doesn't want me blogging about him anyway.

Last week we didn't have much else exciting going on except Maddie got her report card and did great. Oh, I also found out that one of her shoes gives her feet a headache. Isn't that interesting? Ha!

This weekend Leigh and Laurie (Guy's Mom and Sister) came to visit. We had a great visit with them. They went to Maycee's soccer game on Saturday morning. I don't think they enjoyed the wind, but they did enjoy the game. Maycee scored her first goal! I didn't sew at all this weekend. I needed a little break, but I will be back at it today.

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