Friday, May 31, 2013

Field Day

Field Day was last Thursday, a nice start to the long Memorial Day Weekend.   It was rescheduled from a rainy day a few weeks ago.

We started the day out with Friday Morning Live and watching Maddie be recognized as the Go Getter for her class.


Then we headed out for some Field Day fun!  Maddie's class all made pink headbands that they painted in class. 

This is Maddie's friend.  They share a love of big bows.  Have I mentioned how happy I am that Maddie has decided she loves bows again. :-)

Maddie's class started off with some muddy slipnsliding.

Her teacher even got in on the fun.  What a great teacher!!

Maycee had fun with her friends too!

Water balloon tossing.

  Maycee And her friend from her class. 

Maycee on the muddy slipnslide. She managed to not get muddy.  I'm not sure how.

Guy volunteered at the Football Toss so the girls were excited when they finally made it to his station. 

The girls were super excited that Guy took the day off to volunteer at their school. 

More friend fun!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hello Summer!! 🌞

Memorial Day we spent the day at the athletic center enjoying some fun in the sun with Ashley, Adam, Addison and Kennedi.

It was too chilly for me to be interested in the pool, or getting splashed, but the kids sure did have a great time. 

Kennedi's shivering in this pic, but the kids said it wasn't cold once you got in. 😳

We ran into lots of friends while we were there.  I only got a pic with one though. Maycee's friend from her Kindergarten class.   He is a sweetie and and played great with all the girls. 

Kennedi has been taking swimming lessons and she showed us how brave she is now.

  It was a great day and we all enjoyed some sunshine!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Taylor Swift Concert

On Saturday, we finally made it to our first Taylor Swift concert.  It was the girls "big" Christmas gift from Guy and I.  They have been patiently waiting for May 25th since they opened the tickets on Christmas Eve. 

They also got boots for Christmas.   So they have been planning to wear those to the concert and Maddie has had her outfit picked out for months.  Maycee came up with her outfit on the day of the concert and designed her own hairbow just for the concert.  Lately it seems to be the bigger, the better where bows are concerned.

 We had a birthday party to attend first and then we headed to Arlington. 
 The weather wasn't great and neither was the traffic, but we still made it in time to see the end of the first artist.  Unfortunately I can't remember his name. 
We stood in line to pick out awesome tshirts for the girls.  $80 for 2, but there is a pretty good chance they will get worn more than anything else in the closet, so probably a good buy. 
We found our seats.  They were in the upper level, even though we bought them early.  I was too scared to wait for better seats.  I was scared they would sell out and we would end up with none. Next time I'll be more patient.  It work out though.  We were to the side of the stage and were directly in front of one of those gigantic Cowboys Stadium tv screens. So we could watch the stage or the screen. 
Next band was Florida Geogia Line and then Ed Sheehan.  We had never heard  of him, but we enjoyed his show. 

Finally what we had been waiting for!!!

And then sadly, 2 hours after she first entered the stage she was gone and it was over.  

The girls had so much fun.  Maddie was screaming, singing and dancing for the entire 2 hours.  Maycee quietly sang from her seat and recorded much of the show on her touch. I can't even tell you how many time they have watched those recordings since that night. :-)
And before we were on the highway they had both passed out. 💤💤💤


It's Been A Long Time...

I'm going to make another attempt at this blog thing.  Mostly because my girls are constantly googling this blog to look back at the pictures and read about things we did.  That makes me so happy, but so sad that I haven't kept it up.  So for them, I am going to try again. :-)

Maddie is 10 now!!  She is in 4th grade.  She is all about fashion and hair these days and is usually not too far from her flat iron. 

Maycee is now 8. She is in 2nd grade. Maycee is all about sports these days and her iPod touch. 

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