Saturday, November 22, 2008

CVS Extra Care Bucks

Okay, All this time I have been throwing away these Extra Care Bucks that print out with your receipt at CVS. What was I thinking? My Mom told me about this deal at CVS this week where you go in and buy $20 worth of Duracell batteries and use a $5 off coupon that they have on the shelf at the store. When you pay a $15 extra care buck prints out and you can use it to buy more batteries with the coupon again which makes them free. You can repeat this a total of three times per CVS card. So I got all these batteries for $20.52 and I have a $15 extra care buck to spend on next week' s promotional items. This deal is already over, but here is a website that lists the free deals every week I always enjoy getting things for Free! Thanks Mom!


Yesterday Maddie brought home a picture from school. It is a picture of our family and our Thanksgiving Table.

I love little kid art. It is always so cute and usually amuses me. I didn't laugh at it in front of Maddie, she is always extremely proud of her art and wouldn't take well to laughing, but.....

1. Why is the cat at the table? He has never had Thanksgiving dinner with us. When these were hanging on the wall at school I wonder if hers was the only one that included the family pet who happens to be named Stinky (don't you want him to have Thanksgiving dinner with you) at the table?

2. Why are me and Stinky standing on people's heads? (Actually I was thinking this when she brought the picture home, but I've since realized that we usually all take a picture behind the table and that is most likely what she was trying to imitate.)

3. Her food choices are very interesting. Spanish rice, spaghetti, potato salad, meatballs, tomatoes and carrots/cucumber and ranch dip. There is also one strange sausage looking thing in the center that she said was bones (ribs). Now that would be a Thanksgiving dinner to remember.

Now this is a piece of art that I will definitely be saving. It is adorable!!!

Update on Maycee's Wrist

She doesn't seem like it hurts her too much. We had maybe three incidents where she turned it wrong and had some pain, but other than those times she was in a great mood and very playful. On the other hand, she is already tired of having the cast on. She started about 8:15am asking if we could take it off now every 30 minutes or so. I tried to explain that it had to stay on for days not minutes, but she doesn't really have any concept of time and besides that I didn't think to specifically ask the doctor how long it has to stay on. All I know is we have to go back in 10 days, I had assumed that was when she would get it off, but now I realize that doesn't seem like enough time. I guess we will find out.

These are the clothes Maycee picked out when I told her she couldn't play with markers in her good clothes. Later she wasn't happy because Guy made her change to go to Academy with him. She thought she looked great.

Being Sweet Sisters

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