Sunday, October 19, 2008

Camping Was Fun...But There Is Nothing Like a Hot Bath at Home

We went camping this weekend. It was only the third or fourth time we used the camper.

The weather was very nice. It was definately Fall weather. We went up on Friday afternoon and enjoyed a nice fire to keep us warm. Maddie thought she could get the fire started with two sticks. When asked where she learned that, she looked at us crazy and said "on TV" with a little attitude.

The girls explored the nearby woods looking for bears. After a few minutes of bear talk Addison decided to stay out of the woods. Maddie and Maycee kept on their bear hunt and eventually found one. (Adam hiding in the woods with a garbage bag over his head.) Below is the result of their discovery.

We also rode bikes, played at the park, rode in the boat, played playdough, read the Twilight Series & learned that skunks don't respond to "get".

Addison practicing using the potty with extreme safety measures.

Saturday night by the fire Maddie and Maycee taught us the Tooty Tot. It goes something like...
Thumbs up,
elbows back,
feet apart,
knees together,
bottoms up,
eyes shut,
tongues out
and then with your tongue out you sing
the tooty tot, the tooty tot, the tooty ta-ta.

Anyway this is evidently a song they both learned at school...different schools. I would like to see the teachers doing it? I never did get a very clear answer for when they do this at school, but it's pretty funny. And it makes for some very funny pictures.

Nana and Papa learning the Tooty Tot
Maddie and Maycee showing us the Tooty Tot

Saturday morning we had to get up early to go to their football game and Maddie's soccer game.

Saturday afternoon we took the girls to the park to enjoy their lollipops from Maycee's carnival birthday party and snap some pictures.

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