Monday, October 20, 2008

Lucky Streak

In the last 2 weeks Guy and I both won something in different raffles. I won 4 football tickets and 2 Lobo T-shirts tonight at the HOA meeting and last week Guy won Free Registration for the next sport the girls play through our local youth sports association. And now that I think about it this luck isn't just us. My Dad won a Golf Cart at a tournament a few weeks ago. Compared to his win ours was nothing, but it sure is fun to win something, no matter how small. Wow!! I sure hope this luck sticks around.

Nothing exciting happened here today. Maycee and I picked up a couple of pumpkins that I am going to try to spray paint like some pictures in Good Housekeeping. We'll see. It seemed easy enough.

I don't have any pics today so here are a few from 1 year ago today. These were at the pumpkin patch on a very windy, hot day. Most of the pictures have hair blowing in their faces.

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