Friday, October 24, 2008

Highschool Football

Wow! Highschool Football has changed in the 13 years since I graduated. I can't believe it's been that long.

We went to the Lobo Varsity Game tonight. The stadium is unbelievable. It has assigned seating with auditorium type chairs, a Lobo apparel store in the lower level, AstroTurf, and a scoreboard with a huge video screen for sponsor commercials and instant replay. Yes instant replay. I was amazed. I am assuming all high school football games are like this now. It seems more like college football. I wonder if this is the way it's always been here. Maybe its because I went to a small school. I'm gonna have to find out if good ole' H-F has instant replay now.

The field Maddie and Maycee's flag football team plays on at the Middle School is more like what my high school had.

I think the girls enjoyed the game. If I asked them to rate it I'm pretty sure they liked the hot dogs, the root beer, the cheerleaders, the band/flags/drill team and then the football game in that order. Although, Maddie is starting to pay the slightest bit of attention to the game. She pointed out tonight that they can't go outside the lines with the ball just like soccer and that the band plays the same song every time they score a touchdown.

These are some pictures they took of each other with their pom-poms on their heads.

I only took a few pics. It embarrassed the crap out of Guy that I was taking pictures, so I didn't keep the camera out for long. Oh and by the way, the Lobos lost 64-35.

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