Saturday, October 11, 2008


Lot's of fun stuff happened in September so I thought I would put it all together in one post.

Maddie's meet the teacher night. She was very excited. She has been waiting since her birthday last year for this. Last year when Kara and Mackenzie were starting kindergarten she wanted to know why she didn't get to start. I told her you had to be five and since she wasn't she would have to wait. We went to disney a couple weeks later and celebrated her 5th birthday. When we got home she told me we needed to go get a new lunchbox and backpack. When I asked why she said she was five now and I needed to bring her to Kindergarten. Oops, I guess I should have explained that a little better.

Maddie's first day of Kindergarten. She went right in and put her stuff up. She looked a little nervous for about 5 seconds and then she was ready for us to go. She goes all day. They don't have a nap time. I drop her off at the front door and she goes in herself. Okay, so it took me a couple of weeks of walking her in to get to this. Just for the record, there was one parent that walked their kid in for longer than I did. She is so grown up now.

Maycee's First Day at Apple Creek Preschool. Last time Maycee went to preschool was the year before last. On the first day they had to peel her off of me. They called me to come pick her up at 11 because she was still crying and they wouldn't be able to get the other kids to nap with her screaming. That went on for the first few days and she still had bad days if her favorite teacher was out for some reason. This year was nothing like that. I had to beg for a kiss goodbye and I don't think she missed me much. She had a great first day and she still loves it.

Addison and Maycee

Addison is going to the same school. On the first day Ashley called me to ask Maycee what they had for snack because Addison was telling her something strange (I can't remember what) but anyway Maycee's answer was "Cheesy Dog Bones" followed by "can you get some the next time we go to the store they were so good"??? We still don't know what they had but I am pretty certain they didn't have dog bones.

Maycee on Spirit Day being silly.

Maddie's 6th Birthday Party was at Nana and Papa's house. I bought her that pettiskirt before we decided to have a swimming party. Maddie and I both loved them and I had been looking for a reason to buy one. It didn't work out so great since she couldn't swim in it, but I had to get a least a picture in it. She has only worn it once since, on her actual birthday, so I guess Ashley was right it's not very practical, but isn't it cute?

Maddie and Brianna in the pool.

For Maddie's actual Birthday we went out to eat at Gattitown.
I guess it's a sign of growing up, but Maddie and Maycee never want to ride the horses anymore. They always want the spinning tea cup.
Ashley, Papa and Maddie on the boat. Addison is there too. She's just so little she's hidden by that stupid pole.
Kaleigh and Maycee on the boat. Maycee is just getting to like this ride. For some reason before she was okay with most of the rides at Disney and Six Flags, but this one caused her to bury her face and scream.
More candles for the big six year old!!
All three of the girls on our way out. Addison had already let her balloon go. Actually she had let it go several times and the guy's kept catching it so I could get a picture of all three of them with their balloons. You see she won and the balloon is gone in the picture. She sure is stuborn! :)
Maddie's first day of dance for this year. Nana and Papa gave the girls dance classes for their birthday's again this year. She is all decked out in her new clothes for HipHop class.
Maycee's 4th Birthday Carnival

I had so much fun planning this party. I think the kids had a good time. I hope they did anyway. We had a Cotton Candy machine, Nachos, corn dogs, and lots of games and prizes for the kids. We also had lots a greatly appreciated help as we needed an adult to work each 'booth or game'.

The Birthday Girl. I can't believe she is already 4.

Kara trying out putt-putt.

Addison bouncing on the trampoline.

Maddie enjoying the cotton candy.

Kara with the wonderful face painting Kaleigh did for us.

Ryland enjoying Cotton Candy.

Maycee's Cake and Popcorn Cupcakes.


Leigh and Laurie.

Madison and Kaleigh

Maycee and her cake.

Me and Maycee

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