Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Skirt That Wasn't Meant To Be....

My two friends and I each made our girls this skirt for the Daddy Daughter Dance tonight. They each have a girl in Kindergarten with Maddie and all the girls are friends. Carrie also has a little boy in Kindergarten and he got a matching tie for school. (There was gonna be one more boy with a matching tie, but he's sick today and didn't get to go to school.)

It was a nightmare. I had the worst luck with this skirt. I almost gave up at 11pm last night when I accidentally cut a hole in the waist part with the serger. I was all done and just cleaning up the seams a little. I could have cried. I had to cut the whole waist off and redo the elastic and reattach it to the skirt part.
I had also forgotten to add in the tulle layer earlier in the pattern and had to take it apart to put it in. That's what I get for chatting on the phone and sewing at the same time:)
I am very happy with the way it turned out in the end. It looks a little wonky in the picture, but I promise it's not. I spent way too much time on this skirt for it to be wonky. Maddie said she "loved" it this morning. She wore it to school. Hopefully she won't get anything on it. I have a backup shirt if hers gets stained, but I don't have a backup skirt and I'm certainly not gonna be whippin' another one up before 7 tonight!

I made hairbows for all three girls and my friend Carrie is making ties for the guys out of the same fabric as the skirt. She is appliqueing a hot pink heart on the tie. Guy's not gonna be excited about the pink heart, but I think he'll wear it because Maddie's gonna love it.

I'll post more pictures later tonight!


Tina said...

I love Maddie's skirt! I hope she had fun at the dance tonight....I can't wait to see the pictures.

Maycee called us today....she said she had a secret to tell me. Her secret was that she had your phone!!!!! Gotta love that girl!!!


April said...

Ha! Ha! She just scrolls to your picture on my phone and pushes talk :)

Maddie had a great time tonight!

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