Wednesday, February 11, 2009

100 Days of School

Yesterday was Maddie's 100th day of Kindergarten. It seems like it just started, but at the same time I am ready for summer.

She had to bring in 100 of an item separated into groups of 10. After at least an hour of roaming around Hobby Lobby and deciding on at least three other items she finally decided to bring beads. She found some really cute heart beads.

Do you want to know what beads she wanted to buy? Crystal beads that were $2 for every 5 beads. Hmm, that would only have been $40 worth of beads. She was very upset that I wouldn't buy the "pretty" beads, but she made do.

And she did a very good job of stringing them in sets of 10. I just thought she would put 10 of the same color on each string, but she made patterns and she was very proud of her patterns.She put on all the stickers herself. She even spelled 'beads' correctly.
Maddie is learning so much in Kindergarten. She is writing sentences like "I like to pay in the sno." and reading simple books. She knows so many sight words. Last night when she was in bed I heard her talking in her room and went to see what she was doing and she was laying in bed reading "Bathtime for Biscuit" all by herself. And she was really reading it, not just making up words. Actually she reads that particular book to us all the time for her reading log, but it was the first time I saw her read on her own just for fun! What a big girl. What happened to this baby?
Tonight I was sewing away in our room when Guy came in and said "now that was lazy, what did you need?" He said it jokingly, but I didn't know what he was talking about. (It would be pretty lazy by the way, since it about 8 steps from our bedroom to the living room." He said "you called me in the living room from the bedroom?" But I hadn't. At the same time we both said "MAYCEE". Sure enough, she had my cell phone in her bedroom and had called Guy. She was supposed to be sleeping.

A little while later, I noticed that the bathroom light was on. I went to see why and this is what I found.
Just a few minutes ago a friend called on my cellphone and said the house phone has been busy for at least 2 hours. I can't find one of the phones so it must be turned on. I'm betting that Maycee had something to do with that too. :) Hmm I wonder who else she called besides Guy tonight. If it was you, we are sorry!!
That girls just doesn't like to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Love both these stories...I remember Bryce's 100th day of Kindergarten..He wanted to bring in cereal but He doesn't even eat cereal so we had NONE!! He ended up settling on buttons since I had 100 of those in my sewing kit!!! Kids!


Tina said...

Good Maddie....I LOVE your bead poster!

By the way....Maycee called me one day....just to say Hi!

Love xoxo


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