Monday, July 6, 2009

Branson Continued

When Guy's meeting was finished on Saturday morning the girls couldn't wait to get going. They wanted to ride go-karts and had been talking about it since the drive up to Branson. They remembered from last year that there are go-karts on every corner and we didn't have time to let them ride last year.

The first place we went to was for young children. When we went to buy tickets the lady said she had to measure Maddie and that she was too tall. Maddie was ecstatic. She is still talking about being too tall for the go-kart place. The lady sent us down a mile or so to a place that had go-karts for both girls.

This is Maddie driving the Junior Go-Karts. Hers went pretty fast and she only hit the sides a few times.
Here is Maycee riding the kiddie go-karts. Notice she isn't watching where she was going? She looked at us instead of the track, smiled like that, and crashed into that row of go-karts nearly everytime she came around the track.
This little "teacup" ride was innocent looking enough since both the girls are pretty daring when it comes to rides. They had a choice between this and a little ferris wheel when we bought there tickets.
It was a little misleading though because the ride goes pretty slow on its on, but everytime they came around the operator was having a great time seeing how fast he could spin their little cars. Despite the look of this picture neither of them threw up and they both loved it.

Here they are together after spinning.
Here they are when Maycee realized that she wasn't riding the ferris wheel. She wasn't very happy at all that she only got to choose one ride.
By this time it was extremely hot. So we decided to head to the water slide. It was a cool slide built into a hill like the one at Crystal Beach. It was much longer and slower though and there weren't many rules except you can't stand or go on your knees.
We paid for an hour after 40 minutes or so Guy and I were exhausted, but the girls were still going strong. They loved it and tried every possible way they could think of to go down. Backwards, belly, back, sitting, connected together like a train. You name it they tried it.

Next it was time to meet back up with Guy's Boss and Co-workers for dinner and a show. We were seeing Six. A group of six brothers who provide a whole musical show using just their mouths. They sang lots of songs that I recognized without instruments and they sounded very much like I remembered them. You can listen to a sample here: Just remember when you listen that there were no instruments, no drums, guitars, nothing! It was a great show. We all loved it. We even bought a cd and the girls brought it up to have it autographed. :)

After the show was over we decided to play a little mini golf. We found a fun little dinosaur themed course. I think Maddie and Maycee are still a little young for mini golf but the seemed to have fun anyway. Maddie plays with the thought that harder is better. She wacked it as hard as she could everytime and it usually hit the end and came back to where she started. Maycee on the other hand played like she was sweeping. She usually hit it normally once or twice and then just used her club to sweep it into the hole from there. Good thing though because we may have been there all night otherwise.

After Mini Golf it was 11:30pm so we went back to the condo. We had to leave Sunday morning. We did get up Sunday and do a little souvenir shopping before we headed out. The girls each got a sequin hat and some candy for the ride home. I have new studio pictures to post soon of them wearing their new hats.

It was a quick trip, but we had a great time while we were there.


Tina said...

It sure looks like you guys had a great time.

Great pictures....


The Staten Family said...

Looks like fun! We are wanting to take the girls there to see Noah at the Sight & Sound Theater.

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