Monday, June 29, 2009

Branson, Missouri

This weekend Guy had a Manager's Meeting in Branson. They have them twice a year, but for the June one they always meet in Branson and invite all the families. It is a nice little inexpensive getaway since they pay for our gas, condo, 2 meals and a show.

This year we left on Friday morning and headed out for a 8 hour drive. I brought lots of things for the girls to do...workbooks, colors, coloring books, a TV that Carrie and Jeff were nice enough to let us borrow, Leapsters, Nintendo DS, and baby dolls. After 4 hours and no naps they were totally done with everything and ready to get out of the car. So the last 3.5 hours were very stressful, but I was thankful for Guy's refusal to stop for a break when we arrived in Branson half an hour early. The girls never did sleep and it was really hard for me to follow through with my punishment the day before of taking away their beloved MP3 players for a day. (I will never use those lifesavers as a punishment the day before a trip again. It was much more of a punishment for me and Guy than it was for them.)

We were heading home on Sunday morning, so we started having fun right away. What better way to start having fun than to start shopping. We headed to Branson Landing. It makes us all happy. Clothing stores for me, Bass Pro for Guy, a playground and Disney store for the girls, and a very cool Water/Fountain show for all of us.

This is a picture of the cool water fire show from the website. I'm not sure what they called it, but we liked it. It is set to the beat of the music and the backdrop is Lake Taneycomo.

The girls picked out these goofy sunglasses from the disney store. Thank goodness they were only $2 a pair. They don't look too bad on Maddie just a little big, but Maycee looked like a bug and wouldn't you know it for the first time ever they wanted to wear those darn glasses every second of every day. Thankfully I haven't seen them since we've been home.

Maddie and Maycee being interrupted from watching the fountains to take a picture.

Guy, Maddie and Maycee

It was very hot compared to what it was last year. Last time we were there it was in the 80's the whole time, but when we arrived on Friday it was 100. No cooler than what we left here. Since we were all hot and tired we headed to the Condo to check in and change into swimsuits. We decided to spend the rest of the afternoon at the pool and then order in Pizza.

Maycee at the pool

Maddie at the pool

After we were done at the pool we headed back to the condo for pizza. The condo was wonderful. The girls were dying to try out the jacuzzi tub. They had a great time in it. They even figured out that if they closed the shower doors they could splash all they wanted and not make a mess on the floor. That really tickled them and they must have spent an hour and a half in there.

On Saturday, we had to be at the clubhouse at 8am for a Breakfast and meeting with the owner of the company Guy works for. This is the worst part of the trip for me. They always have a benefits presentation before releasing the spouses and children. It is very hard to make the girls understand that they need to be silent as Guy's boss is talking to us. This time I took their DS and MP3 players with us. I was very worried that they would start singing out loud to the MP3's during the meeting since they don't seem to understand that we can hear them even though they can't hear us so I had a very detailed conversation about singing in their heads. Apparently I was worried about the wrong electronic because I didn't' think about the fact that they had never played DS with headphones and when Maycee finally found the last puzzle piece in the Pony game she got so excited to tell me that she yelled out "Mom I finally found it, I finally found it! and looked at me with the biggest, proudest smile." Everyone was chuckling except me and Guy :) I guess it could have been worse she could have been singing "Little ole Wine Drinker Me" at the top of her lungs which she knows every word to and is in her MP3 player.

To be continued....


Carrie Guernsey said...

It seems like the business end was pretty short and that you all had a great time. I commend Guy’s company for finding a great way to get employee participation for a benefits session. GE has Brown-Bag-Benefits sessions that are mandatory each year. This means bring your own lunch in a brown bag, donate your lunch hour to HR, leave your family at home and stay awake because there is a retention quiz at the end.

The long drive doesn’t sound at all appealing, because I can imagine and feel your pain with occupying two little ones that are confined in a seat for that long. Glad they got their MP3 players back….Remember, I warned you about your creative punishments biting you in the BE-hind LOL?

We sure missed you guys but I am glad you had such a great time. The pictures are great. But, you always take great pictures, so I sort of expected them. My favorite one of you, is not posted here, though?? I might need to post that one on my blog….

I love the photos of the girl’s close-ups. You really should consider having them enlarged. The sunglasses are cute and Maycee looks like an Elvis impersonator. And the bubbles, oh my goodness, that is a lot of bubbles! It looks like great fun.

Your description of the outburst during Guy’s benefits meeting is so funny! Maycee, Maycee always cracks me up! Everyone always knows what she is feeling and when. She is infectious!

Great post and I can wait to read the continuation… you always forget to tell me stuff, either that or I don’t shut up long enough to let you, so I have to come read it here 

April said...

Wow! It is a great benefits session compared to a Brown-Bag-Benefits session.

Yeah you warned me and I didn't listen LOL. I will be thinking it out a little better next time I take those things away :)

We missed ya'll too. I'm so sad that we missed the last Summer Rythems! Thanks for the compliment on the pictures, but lets not talk about that one. I look like a wierdo :) If you post it just remember what they say about paybacks. LOL!

Now that you say it she does look like an Elvis impersonater. She is such a silly girl. Always keeping us on our toes.

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