Friday, June 26, 2009

My Little Ballerinas

Last weekend was the girls recital. They were so excited. I have to admit that I was excited too. I love the costumes, the makeup the whole thing. I will be a very sad Mommy when they get to old for dance. Right now they both love it. They never complain about going to dance class, they are always excited.

We had some trouble getting the girls up the morning of the show because we went to Summer Rythems by the Lake the night before and stayed out until about 11, but once they remembered that it was recital day everyone was up and moving.
This was just as we arrived at the auditorium. Maddie had two different costumes because she takes ballet, tap and jazz/hip-hop. She did two dances in the recital. (ballet and jazz/hip-hop) Maycee only had one costume. She takes ballet and tap, but only did a tap dance in the recital. It is funny because last year Maddie's class did ballet and Maycee's did tap also. I really wish they would have been able to do the opposite this year, but there is always next year.
Close up. I'm not sure what is up with Maycee's attitude face. They aren't nearly as cooperative about taking pictures as they used to be :)

This is in the band room. They had to hang out here until a couple of numbers before their dance. Last year I had to be one of the Mom's who hung out in this room to watch the dancers, but this year I decided to take a break. I was very happy to find out that I know and really like and trust the Mom that would be with Maycee's class. I didn't know the Mom with Maddie's class, but she would be in the same room with Maycee's class and I knew Julie would keep an eye on her for me. It was nice to get to watch the show from the auditorium with everyone else.
Maycee and her friend Kate. Kate was in Maycee's class last year also. They have fun together.

Maddie and her friend Elli. Elli lives in our neighborhood and we have gotten to be very good friends with her family, but Elli came to the dance studio with her mom before we knew them to check out the class Maddie was in. It was very strange because Elli recognized Maddie from school and told the owner, Ms. Kim-Lan that she knew Maddie. When they left Ms. Kim-Lan asked if I knew them and I didn't. I asked Maddie and she said "Oh yeah that's Elli, she goes to my school and she has a twin brother Kai and they live in our neighborhood." Wow! It was my first experience with Maddie having her own contacts. How could my little baby girl know people that I didn't know. :) It has only gotten worse. Everywhere we go now, she knows someone.
Waiting in the band room.
Maddie, Maycee and Addison. We were so lucky that they were all three in the same show. Last year Maddie was in the morning show and Maycee was in the afternoon show. That made for a Very Long day!!

After Maddie's Jazz dance she had to change into her ballet costume. That meant changing her hair from gelled down, majorly hairsprayed piggy tails to a ballet bun. It wasn't easy, but we got it done with no tears.

Maddie and Maycee after Maddie was all dressed for Ballet.
After the Recital, with their teacher. Even though they were in different classes they both had the same teacher this year.
Guy giving them their flowers.
With their flowers. They were so proud of themselves and so happy to see everyone who had come to watch them. They didn't get to see everyone before the show.
Ashley, Addison and Adam
Maddie, Maycee, Addison and Kaleigh.
Left to Right...Elli, Maddie, Kai, Maycee and Addison
Leigh with Maddie and Maycee
Sweet Sisters
After the recital we all.....Me, Guy, Maddie, Maycee, Mom, Dad, Kaleigh, Adam, Ashley, Addison, Kennedi, Leigh, Laurie, Adams Mom, Dad, Step Mom, Step Dad, Brother, Sister In Law, nephews, Carrie, Jeff, Kai, Elli, Carrissa (thier older daughter), Carrie's aunt, Jeff's Dad, Carrissa's boyfriend went to eat at Nate's. It took a LOOOONG time, but it was a fun party and the kids were all very good. They even got to sit at their own table.

Mom, Dad, Maddie and Maycee at Nate's (Maddie changed her costume in the car. We aren't sure why, but she insisted that she needed to change. I suspect it is because this one is more Hannah Montana-ish which is what she is into right now.)

Mom, Dad and Addison
Guy, Maddie and Maycee

Laurie with Maddie and Maycee

Friday we had dress rehearsal. We had to be there at 8:30 which was a challenge since they have gotten used to sleeping until 10:30 or 11:00 this summer, but we made it on time. Addison was first to dance (we were lucky enough to have all three girls in one show this year!) and she did a great job. Such a little ham. Next was Maddie's hip hop dance and about a quarter of the way through the fire alarms sounded in the school. It was chaos for a few minutes as people filed out and Moms tried to find their kids who had been in a separate room waiting to perform. Maycee was with me because she didn't perform until the second half, but Ashley had to go find Addison and my friend Carrie and I had to find where they had taken Maddie and Elli when they ushered them off the stage. It was a strange feeling to hear the alarms and not know if it was a real fire and not know 100% that they were out of the building. I kinda felt a little panicked for a second, but we found them and they were fine. There actually was a fire in the science lab, a chemical fire. The fire department came and after a while gave the all clear and we were able to get back in a finish the rehearsal. Maycee danced and did a great job and then Maddie had her second dance and we were finally finished.

I only have pictures from recital day to post becuase I can't find my camera charger for my Canon and had to use my Kodak camera on recital day. My rehearsal pictures are stuckin my Canon with a dead battery until I find the charger :(


Mickie said...

cute cute!! I think i will have to put our little girl in dance :) I never took anything like that but hopefully my baby will have more coordination than i did lol.. can't wait to see yall!

April said...

Thanks! You should put her in dance. It is so much fun.

LOL on the coordination. I'm with you. I took way too many year's of dance to be as bad of a dancer as I am today. :)

We can't wait to see you either. Only a little over a week!

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