Friday, January 9, 2009

Ike's Aftermath

Last Friday we drove down to Boliver and Crystal Beach to look at the damage from Hurricane Ike. I was slightly worried about bringing the kids but decided it would be good for them to see it. When we first told them that we were going to the beach Maddie wanted to know where her bathing suit was. We had to explain a little better about why we were going.

It was unbelievable. I couldn't believe the damage. The pictures I had seen on the news and internet didn't prepare me for the amount of damage we would see. There is debris everywhere. There isn't much grass at all, it is all covered in sand. It kinda looks like a desert. It was very sad to see what we are now calling debris that used to be someones possessions. Maddie was very upset by the recognizable things laying by the sides of the roads. She kept saying that people needed to come and pick up their things before they blew away or got wet. She couldn't understand why they just didn't come get them.

As much time as we have spent at Crystal Beach it was still very hard to figure out where we were at times. Many of the landmarks are gone everything kinda looks the same. Destroyed.

We were able to find the (2nd row) cabin we stayed at in May last year. It is still standing, but the cabin next to it and the beachfront cabins across the street are gone. Sorry about the picture quality, it was terribly foggy.

We also found Leigh's old cabin that she sold a little before the hurricane. It is still standing also. The cabin that Guy and I met at is gone along with the 4 other cabins that the same people owned. It is very sad how much some people lost.

There were cars everywhere. Some looked like they washed away from where they were parked, but the were a bunch that looked like people were trying to get out and had to leave them and walk. That really bothered me and I hope if that is what happened that those people made it to safety.

Maycee is sitting next to me as I type and she keeps asking me where the toilet picture is. They were very amused by a toilet sitting right side up out in the sand. So here it is just for Maycee....

And here are the girls with their shells they found on the beach.

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