Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Nice Weekend

We are on our way home! We had a fun holiday weekend and enjoyed visiting with lots of family and friends.

We've heard "are we almost home" about 100 times too many and we've made more bathroom stops than we care to remember, but we are only 70 miles from home. YAY!

On New Year's Day the girls were able to visit with Guy's Grandmother and Great Grandmother. They hadn't seen them for a while. It had been about 3 1/2 years since they saw his Great Grandmother, so I don't think either of them remembered. Beverly took Maycee to meet her and said "Come on Maycee, do you want to meet your Great-Great Grandmother." Maycee replied, "yeah I've needed one of those."

They even got to play at the park with her!

Here are the girls and their Grandmother, Great Grandmother and Great-Great Grandmother.

New Year's Day!

They also did some fun crafts with Aunt Laurie, Uncle Nat, Val, and Sarah.

We had yummy cake and cannolies for Leigh and Nat's birthday.

We also were able to go bowling with Linh, Mike and Caleb and meet Mickie for lunch one day.

Maddie bowled a 120 the first game (with bumpers but I was still impressed.) Then in true 6 year old drama queen style she got 'sad' because she wanted to come in 2nd place not 1st. Go figure! :)

Maycee had a little trouble figuring it out with her arm brace, but she figured it out and had fun. She doesn't even look to see how many pins she knocked down.

And Guy beat me both games. I was 'sad' because I wanted to come in 1st place not 2nd. HA!

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mickie said...

haha! So cute! Glad I got to see yall and thanks so much for the beautiful gifts. Well I'm going to get ready to go to the doctor! I'll call you when I get out. mickie

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