Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Special Delivery

The girls got an extra special delivery in the mail yesterday morning. They went to check the mail on the way out the door to bring Maddie to school and found postcards in the mail from Tinkerbell and Belle. They were ecstatic. They can't believe that their favorite characters know that they are coming back to visit and know that they just had a birthday!

I had to run back in before we left to get a picture. They are dancing in these pics.

I am working on finding out who was responsible for the magic behind these postcards, but until I do THANK YOU VERY MUCH! They were super excited! More excited than you can even imagine. Maycee was so excited in fact that she had to wear her Tinkerbelle costume to Target so that Tinkerbell would know she was happy about the postcard.

Tinkerbelle looking for bugs!


Kaleigh said...

that is soo sweet... : )

April said...

So apparently Cousin Danielle was the nice person who sent these postcards. Thanks Danielle. You made their day, no their week!

Thanks for letting me know who it was Kaleigh :)

See y'all soon. Only 10 more days!

Anonymous said...

How cute!! Maycee looks adorable in the tinkerbell costume :) We miss you guys - I guess we will see you next week. When are you going to be there and where are you staying?

Love ya,

April said...

Thanks for letting us borrow it :)

We miss y'all too. We are going down Friday morning and we are staying with Guy's sister. I'll message you on Facebook.

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