Friday, October 2, 2009

A Pageant

Last week I got an email through the girls cheerleading that they were looking for girls to participate in our town festivals pageant. Little Miss Autumn Festival and Junior Miss Autumn Festival.

I asked the girls and they both said they wanted to do it. Since it was only $10 and Sunday Best dress we decided it would be fun. The pageant was based on charm, personality, smile and congeniality. Each contestant had to answer 1 question.

Nana and Maycee are watching the High School show choir perform before the pageant. It was very hot outside, really dissappointing since it had been so nice all week.


Maycee...I really like this picture of her, I wish her number was sticking up weird in the picture.

Everyone waiting for the pageant to start.

5-6 year old contestants for Little Miss. Maycee was just old enough to participate. She did very good with her question considering some of those girls are in 1st grade.

Maycee answering her question

Lady with the mic: What is your favorite holiday and why?

Maycee: My favorite holiday is Christmas.

Lady with the mic: Why?

Maycee: Because I get to see my family....(acting like she might want to say something else)

Lady with the mic: Anything else?

Maycee: Yeah...I get lots of presents.
7-9 year olds competing for Junior Miss. Maddie just barely had to move up to this category since she just turned 7. They explained to them that the pageant was based on the way they answered the question and they needed to give a thorough answer. I immediately knew that was gonna be a question because she wasn't going to go on and on with her answer. I was pretty sure she would just give her answer and why. That's all we had practiced was I kept reminding her she had to answer the why if the question had a why. The first girl on the left was asked her question and answered :"Well Mrs. Smith , my favorite blah, blah, blah" It was funny.

This is Maddie answering her question.

Lady with the mic: If you could go anywhere, where would you go on vacation and why?

Maddie: I would go to Disney world because I like the characters and the rides. (long pause) and it fun.

Lady with the mic: Anything else?

Maddie: nope

LOL...the both did wonderful. I DO NOT speak in front of people. I am trying very hard to make them not have that same fear as me. I am so proud that they both stood up there and did such a great job. They both spoke loudly and clearly.

Maycee was sad because she didn't win a trophy. Maddie won a trophy and crown and sash in a pageant before Maycee was born and Maycee wanted one too. I don't know if we would do another pageant just because she was so disappointed, but I also know that she learned from the experience.

We did tell a little lie to her though. She got the pretty sparkly little barrettes in a gift sack for participating. She didn't see what the other girls got, but the was so excited about those clips. Ashley told her she won them for having the prettiest smile. It was really sweet and she was very excited. Later that night her and Maddie were getting ready for bed and Maycee told Maddie about the clips and that she won them for prettiest smile. Maddie said "hey I have those clips too" Maycee said " Oh, you won prettiest smile too!" Maddie looked at her kinda funny and said "what?" Maycee explained that the clips were for prettiest smile and Maddie asked me and I agreed, but I didn't think she would believe it. I thought that she was just humoring Maycee.

The next day she came home and told me that she shared in share time at school that she won prettiest smile in the pageant at the Autumn Festival this weekend. Oops! Oh well, at least she's happy.

After the pageant was over we headed over to ride rides. Typical carnival experience of dirty, rundown overpriced rides, but the kids sure do enjoy it!

Papa, Addison, Maycee and Maddie on the slide.

Maddie, Maycee and Addison on the rollercoaster.

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Tina said...

I was so proud of my girls...they did a great job!



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