Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who knew Baseball could be so Entertaining?

OMG...we went to Addison's T-ball game on Saturday. It was so cute. She plays on a team with only two girls, her and Presley. They are also the youngest and cutest on the team. :) Maddie and Maycee were very impressed with their little cousin. It is funny because they've always thought of her as a baby, but she is becoming more of a friend as they all get older.

This is Addison running from third base to home plate.

She can really hit the ball far when she bats!

Kennedi watching Big Sis play ball.

Presley running in to home.

And it's time to go home. Somebody is doing their I want a nap routine.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Awe those pic's are too cute! Addisons running to home was soooo cute! Presley looks like she's walking to home. haha:)

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