Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's Football Time Again!

Football season is going strong again. We missed the girl's first game because we were out of town. Then between Labor day and the rain all the games were cancelled until now. Last Saturday the morning of the pageant was their first game of the season to attend. They had a great time. It was pretty hot, but they didn't complain. Won't be long and they'll be bundled up, freezing and wishing for a day like this one :)
The run through sign. It is so cute when the little players run through. Just a second or two after this pic was taken, half the team was on the ground because one kid fell and the rest tripped over him.

I didn't get many good pics of the girls. We were playing at the neighboring towns field and it isn't set up really good and it was hard to get great pics, but this is their halftime routine.

This is THE CHEER that Maycee gets to stunt. She always wants to do this cheer, and this cheer Always makes Mommy nervous. I know she isn't very high up, but it isn't going to be good if she tries to get down and they don't let go of her feet. Besides we all know she doesn't have the best track record for not getting hurt. Maddie is doing cartwheels in front of the stunt. I will have to work on getting a pic of her actually doing the cartwheel. :)

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