Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ward/From Wedding ....A Little Late :-}

Wow...It's been one day short of a month since I blogged. I actually wrote this post a while ago, but didn't have the pictures uploaded yet. I've been sewing like crazy instead of blogging. Anyway here are the pics from the wedding.

This weekend we went to Beaumont for Danielle and Keith's Wedding. Maddie and Maycee were flower girls in the wedding. We had a great time.

Friday we took Maddie out of school early and headed down for the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. It rained the whole way and we made it just in time to stop at Laurie and Nat's house and change clothes and head over to the church.

After the rehearsal, we were going to dinner at Suga's. Maddie and Maycee went bowling with Laurie and Nat. Guy and I had a great time at the rehearsal dinner and then headed over the the Star Bar at Crockett Street afterwards. Everyone danced the night away. =}

The next morning we supposed to meet up for hair appts at 10 am. Well lets just say that didn't happen. I got a text from Danielle at 11 wondering where everyone was and I was just getting in the shower and still had a 30 minute drive. We finally made it though.

Here are some of the flower girls playing around that morning.

Waiting for the wedding to start.

The Reception ...everything was beautiful. There was lots of dancing as you can see from the pictures. All of the flower girls were very excited when they were called to the dance floor to dance to Party in the USA with Danielle. It was the cutest. They also played Little Ole Wine Drinker me. LOL You couldn't get that many Ward's together and not play it at least once.

The girls had a great time being flower girls for Danielle and Keith. I am so thankful that they had the opportunity. It was a great weekend. It was good to get the chance to visit so many family and friends that we don't get to see as often as we would like to.

Congratulations Danielle and Keith!!

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mickie said...

beautiful pics! Call me when you get a chance

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