Saturday, September 26, 2009

Birthday Party Fun!

This year we had Maddie and Maycee's Birthday Party together at Prosper Party Place. It is a big place with bounce houses, rock climbing, a dance floor, bubble machines, a gameroom, pizza and laser tag. We did everything except the laser tag.
Lots of kids showed up. Maddie and Maycee were so happy to be with all of their friends and family. They ran around like crazy the whole party playing with everyone.

This is alot but not all of the kids at the party. I forgot to take pictures in the bounce house room and by the time I took this one some of the kids were already in the gameroom and a few had to leave early :( Actually there are some kids that I didn't get any pictures of at all. I think they were the fast ones that I couldn't catch. It is hard to take pics in the bounce houses, they just don't ever seem to be still enough to catch them.
This is what our house looked like about 30 minutes after we got home. The were going through all their presents.
Thanks to everyone for making Maddie and Maycee's birthday extra special this year!

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Tina said...

Great pics....

The party was a big success...



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