Monday, December 1, 2008

Lost Tooth

While I was at the dentist on Friday getting a root canal. OUCH! Maddie lost another tooth. It was one on the bottom, to the side. Now she has lost 3 on the bottom and none on the top. I'm glad, I'm not ready for her to lose the top two. That will mean she's growing up and I'm trying very hard to ignore that. Besides little kids always look so much older when those bigger adult teeth start coming in, and you can really see the front ones. I know it's coming soon, but I am wishing it away as long as I can!! :)
Maddie's Third Lost Tooth

This was when my dad pulled her second tooth. She had lost the first one two hours earlier when Addison accidentally hit her with her head and knocked it out. The second one was barely hanging on, but she wouldn't let anyone touch it. He told her he was just going to feel it, but he pulled it. She didn't realize he actually pulled it and kept telling everyone that he touched it and it just fell out. She was so upset about losing those first two teeth. Well, until she found out about the tooth fairy. Once she found cash under her pillow and got to buy a Hannah Montana purse with it she wanted to know when she was going to lose more teeth. This time she was extremely excited.

Saturday we went to Canton to meet up with Linh and Caleb. Maycee got sick on the way so we brought her back to Guy. He was so sweet. He kept her home and cancelled his fishing that day so that I could still go meet Linh. Me and Maddie shopped all day Saturday with Linh and Caleb and then stayed the night in their hotel with them and shopped some more on Sunday before we headed home. Needless to say I totally blew my idea of saving money by not going Black Friday shopping, but I didn't spend too much and I got the girls a few Christmas gifts and had a great time with Linh and Caleb. We don't get to see them much and it was really nice to spend some time with them.

I found the cutest little booth at Canton that sells American Girl clothes. I got them each an outfit for their doll, a crochet hat and a pair of shoes. I also bought Maycee a pair of crocs for Kit and Maddie bought Julie a pair of pink tennis shoes with her tooth fairy money. I also bought them each a doll seat for their bikes so that their dolls can ride with them. They love to play with their dolls. Sometimes I think Maycee thinks Kit is alive. The other day she realized Kit got left in the car overnight and she was going on and on about how sad it was because it too cold out there in the car and Kit must have been so scared and sad out there all alone.

I also bought a snowman yard sign, and a necklace and shirt for me. I love Canton. They have the best stuff. I could have bought so much more, but I tried to use some restraint.

The kids were worn out by the middle of the day and all we had was the basket to carry the stuff and one stroller, so they took turns riding one in the basket and one in the stroller. They looked like little caged animals in the basket. They were very good though considering we shopped about 7 hours with only about a 30 minute break for lunch. Caleb had his Nintendo DS (which is what Maddie is asking Santa for) and he shared with Maddie. So they played 2 player games all day and just passed it back and forth.
Caleb in the basket and Maddie in the stroller. Caleb is acting like a monkey in a cage. I didn't get any pics of Maddie in the cage, but she spent plenty of time in there.

Today I took Maycee for a follow up on her arm. They did more x-rays and said it is healing great, but she has to keep the cast on for at least 4 more weeks, until Dec 29. They changed her cast today. They other one broke between her thumb and fingers and it stunk so bad. This one is supposed to last 4 weeks. They don't know Maycee. I guess we'll see. They asked her what color she wanted this time and gave her a whole list of colors, she said "I want pink, HOT PINK!" So we have the same color again. Someone came in to drop off the stuff they do the cast out of for the girl that would do it and they brought in 2 packs of Pink and Maycee looked at me puzzled and asked "Are they putting it on both arms this time?" They asked her if she wanted to keep the one they took off and of course she said yes. It was disgusting, but I cut all of the yucky cotton out of it and they are putting it on their dolls.

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