Saturday, December 13, 2008

How do you spell...?

How do you spell (insert the word of your choice)? That is the most asked question in our house lately. It gets asked even more than Can I have? and Why? Both Maddie and Maycee are very interested in letters, letter sounds and spelling lately. I just spell words for them all, dog, Christmas and so on. But, yesterday was definitely a new one. We were driving down the tollway and she asks "Mom, how do you spell BULLSHIT?" Uh, Uh Maycee that's not a nice word. "But how do you spell it?" Um, I'm not telling you how to spell it and don't say it again.

Maycee is the queen of repeating cuss words. If we accidentally say one she is always there to either repeat it or to correct us for saying it. I'm not big on cuss words, but I do say them occasionally. Guy has gotten much better since the first time he was quoted by Maddie, but he still lets them slip occasionally. I was cleaning up the house yesterday morning before Maycee and I headed out and I thought she was in her room. I was griping to nobody about my families inability to clean up after themselves and said something like "I'm tired of picking up everyone's shit." To which Maycee, who obviously wasn't cleaning her room like I thought replied, with conviction "Mom, I clean up MY SHIT!" Yep, she's always listening.

I made Maddie this shirt on Thursday. It was super easy, no sewing machine required. I just hand stiched 1/2 in grograin ribbon in a zig zag, heat sealed the edges, and added a star button to the top. It's definately a hand wash only shirt, but the easiest Christmas shirt I've ever made.
Here is Maddie modeling it before school on Friday. Don't you love her pose? She loves to pose for the camera. I don't think she'll ever be one of those people who is always avoiding the camera or covering their face when a camera is around. :)


And, just to prove that they aren't always perfectly cooperative for the camera especially at 9pm after we are nearing picture number 75 for the night. This is a little sillyness I got when trying to take a picture for our Christmas Card.

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Hey Girls....

LOVE the girls are so silly!!!



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