Monday, December 29, 2008

The Cast is Off

Maycee's cast is off. She was not very happy about it though. She started getting very upset and saying that her arm hurt. It's not 100 % healed, but he put her in a brace instead of a cast and she only has to wear it for 2 more weeks. After that, we have to wait an additional 4 weeks to go back for another x-ray because the bone didn't heal quite straight and we have to make sure it straightens up on its own.

The Saw. She didn't like it today any better than she did a couple of weeks ago, but she didn't cry. Being Silly with her cast. She insisted on keeping this one too because "it says Kay-Kay loves me!" (We had all signed it on Christmas Day and Kaleigh wrote I Love You.)

Washing that stinky arm. The whole room was smelly when they cut that thing off. I sure am glad we can take the brace off and wash her arm every night.

Her Bubble Bath that I had promised her when she first got her cast and found out she couldn't play in the tub. She stayed in there for at least an hour. The water was freezing by the time she got out.
Sadly, this isn't our first broken bone.

This is Maddie in 2006 with her broken foot. She stepped off a mat wrong on her first day of cheernastics class. It was about a month before Ashley and Adam's wedding, her and Maycee were the flower girls and she still had the cast for the wedding. I'm sure Ashley was real excited about that.
And here is Maycee when she broke her collar bone in 2007. She jumped off Addison's play kitchen and landed wrong. She told us she was trying to fly like Peter Pan. How is it that some families never have a broken bone and we've already had three? Well, at least they keep us guessing by breaking different bones.

And so Maddie's not left out today, she played Moon Sand while Maycee was enjoying her bubble bath. (Thanks for the present Aunt Lynn and Uncle Steve.)


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