Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Done Shopping, Done Wrapping, Finally!!!

I'm so glad I'm done shopping and wrapping! I would still be wrapping, but I finally realized that most of the gifts are going to stay wrapped and pretty for less than 24 hours, so I decided that only the gifts that are leaving our house needed bows. I'm pretty sure that no one opening gifts in this house except me will even notice!

Here is the finished product. I'm kinda sad that it will all be destroyed by this time tomorrow. I need to remember to wrap earlier next year so I can enjoy looking at the presents. Maycee wants me to get everyone's presents except hers and Maddie's out from under the tree so Santa doesn't think they already have too much!

We took Maddie and Maycee to the dollar store to buy presents for everyone. They have all their presents wrapped up and under their own trees.

Tomorrow we have lots of baking to do in the morning while Guy is at work. We started tonight, but we're not done. Guy helped me make two batches of Fudge. We ruined two boxes of almond bark (don't try to mix two brands together and melt, It Doesn't Work). Since we had an over abundance of chocolate chips and no almond bark we tried melting chocolate chips and dipping the pretzels in that. The girls had a great time doing it, but they don't taste so good.
Maycee dipping pretzels and singing Jingle Bells.

Tomorrow is a big day. The girls are very excited!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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