Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Last night we decorated our Christmas tree. The girls enjoyed it as usual, but this year they were more interested than usual in their special ornaments from each year. We had fun looking at each one and talking about why we picked that one for that year. Maycee was a little upset because Maddie had more than her and wasn't really buying the "it's because she's older than you explanation." We finally had to change the subject and move on.

Our Tree. It needs more ornaments. We had a red and gold tree last year and this year we left off the gold and added green.

The girls with the tree. Ignore to rug, we put it under the tree so the floor wouldn't get scratched and we don't have a matching tree skirt yet.
Watching Daddy put the star on top.

There are lots of spots like this all over the bottom of the tree. We think it was Maycee. So cute.

Today I made the girls each a pair of legwarmers out of ladies knee socks. Guy is making fun of them saying 'we're not in the 80's anymore,' but they are popular again for little kids. Babylegs Mine only cost 4.99 per pair and only took me 10 minutes to make two pairs. And mine have Fur Cuffs at the top. You can find the instructions here.
Ladies Knee socks from Target
Maycee Modeling


Anonymous said...


I love the stockings and the tree and the new pictures of my girls..


Jennifer said...

Ok, I guess we are even. I've seen Santa earlier than I ever have, but you have your tree up and I don't yet. Maybe tomorrow. It looks good.

Anonymous said...

Dear April:
You are so creative! Love the girls leg warmers! What a great idea! Most of all THANKS FOR SHARING THE GIRLS WITH US VIA YOUR BLOG!
Aunt Debbie

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