Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Saturday we went to the Adolphus Children's Parade downtown. The kids really enjoyed it. We had to get there at 7am to gets seats right on the curb and it didn't start until 10am. We were too late to get seats down where they were filming, but we had great seats anyway. I brought lots of things to keep the girls entertained, but we didn't need them because we brought breakfast for the girls and then we had to wait in line for 45 minutes at McDonalds for Maycee to go to the restroom. By the time we finished all that, there were clowns coming out into the street to play games with the kids until the parade started.

The parade actually started 15 minutes or so before the parade was to go live on TV so that the first of the parade was right at the filming spot. The Santa balloon ended up stopped right in front of us. One of the handlers came up and told Maddie that he was really tired and needed a break. He asked her if she could hold his rope for him. She did it and she was soooo excited. She talked about it for the rest of the day. She said it was "so heavy, that's why he was tired and needed her help."

The parade only lasted a little less than an hour. Guy pointed out that we drove an hour and waited 3 more hours to see a 50 minute parade, he's right, but it was fun anyway. We have tried to go the last few years, but it's been way too cold.

After we finished that parade we had our town Christmas parade. The girls were riding on a float with their cheerleading squad. We had just enough time to eat lunch and buy a bubble machine for the parade before we had to meet the team to decorate the float.
Guy Decorating

The parade going through our neighborhood.

The cheerleading squad

They ended up winning "Best of Show" in the parade. Wow! It didn't take much to win that one :) Compared to the parade we had just been to this parade was pretty funny, but the girls said they had fun.
"Best of Show" plaque
Santa on a boat

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Anonymous said...

Maddie & Maycee:

That parade looked like so much fun! Maddie I can't believe you got to help hold that balloon....WOW!!!!!!!!!!


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