Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Sick Girl and Lots of Ice

Maycee is sick :( She has RSV and Pneumonia. She is feeling really yucky and coughing so much. Evidently there are lots of myths about RSV such as only babies get it. She is on breathing treatments now and antibiotics. She has been sleeping a lot.

This is her giving her bitty baby a breathing treatment. She was telling her "don't worry, it doesn't hurt, it's just air."
We had so much Ice today! Maddie's school was delayed 2 hours today and I don't think it got above freezing today. When she woke up she heard on the news that it was sleeting and she wanted to go play in the sleet. She went out on the trampoline for a few minutes and I brought some snow/ice mixture in for Maycee to play with. When she was done she stored it right in front of the fire and then fell asleep. When I found it it was water and thankfully she hasn't asked for it yet.

My Dad has been coming to bring Maddie to and from school so Maycee doesn't have to get out in the cold. Isn't that nice? THANKS DAD!

Maddie had to make float for her shoebox parade on Thursday. It was supposed to be a family project. They are going to have a parade around the school and pull these floats behind them from a string. Guy is going to drill a hole and add a string when he gets home. It was supposed to be based on an American Christmas Tradition. Maddie wanted the fur on the corners and the fireplace came out of her dollhouse.

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Anonymous said...

Maddie: I love your design....hope you have fun at your parade.

Maycee: Hope you are feeling better....Get well Soon!


Nana & Papa

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