Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Christmas

I had set out to make several gifts for people this year, but life got in the way and I didn't finish everything I had planned. I did finish these for my Mom though. I also made Kaleigh one like the black one except the fabrics are opposite. (They are t-shirts. It's hard to tell the way I folded the shirts.)

I also finished some other gifts that I can't post yet, because I haven't given them out. Can't spoil the surprise:} The best thing is I got an embroidery machine for Christmas from Guy, so hopefully next year and can make lots of cool gifts.

Me and Ashley made this platter for Mom and Dad at Color Me Mine. We took the girls in early in the day and did their handprints, then we left them with the guys and went back alone to do the rest of the painting. They have all kinds of supplies to choose from and you just paint it, leave it there and go back 1 week later and it is all baked for you. We ended up having a blast that night. It really is a cool place. Maddie and Maycee have been wanting to try it out. I'm considering taking them tomorrow or Tuesday.

Kaleigh bought Maddie and Maycee digital cameras. They had fun tonight taking pictures of everyone while we were at my parents house watching the Cowboys get crushed. Maddie mentioned again that she wants to start a blog (and she wants to buy her own photoshop with her Christmas money). We'll have to see about the blog. What on earth would a 6 year old blog about? She is very determined though!

Tomorrow is a big day for Maycee. We go back to the orthopedic doctor to see if her cast is ready to come off. Keep your fingers crossed. She wants it off so bad. (I do too, you should smell that thing, it is awful. I don't see how she stands to be so close to it all day. We have tried both perfume and febreze to help the smell without much success.) At least if she can't get it off tomorrow she can at least get it changed and we can start fresh with a new one.

And a few more of my favorite pics from Christmas...

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Tina said...

April, Maddie & Maycee:

Nana sure LOVES her platter and it is one of the BEST gifts I have ever received. I will treasure it forever and it will always remind me of how tiny you guys once were.


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