Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Poor Kit :(

Okay, let me start by saying I have always been a fanatic about scissors. We have always kept them in a top cabinet in the kitchen. I was always scared that the girls would cut their hair. After seeing the haircut Ashley gave Kaleigh 15 or so years ago I have had good reason to be scared. When Maddie went to preschool (she was 4) and I walked in one day and she had scissors I felt a little faint. I had visions of some other kid chopping off one of her piggy tails.

Well lately I have become a little lax on the subject of scissors. The girls do occasional cutting projects at the kitchen table. I know they both use them at school. Also, I use scissors alot for making bows and sewing. I keep a pair in my bow box that Maycee sees me put away alot.

Today, Maddie came home from school sick. (This was a first for her. I guess that's sort of a big thing huh?) Anyway, they were supposed to be resting. Maddie comes in the living room were I am furiously cleaning talking on the phone to tell me that Maycee "cut her bedskirt". Okay I am picturing a little slice in it, maybe a little chunk out of it.
So I head straight for Maycee's room and ask her were she found scissors. In my bow box, of course. So I walk to the end of her bed and find this.
A little more than I imagined. I found the scissors, told her to go to sleep and that she was punished from her TV.

As I was walking out of her room, I stepped in something strange. Hair! Oh no, my fear was coming true. Only it wasn't Maycee's hair. Yep you guessed it, Kit's hair. I asked Maycee "where did this hair come from?" Her response "What hair? I've never seen that hair before!" Yeah Maycee, way to cover yourself.

So now Kit is sporting a new "stacked" haircut as Guy called it. Maycee is punished from all dolls for a week. And here is Kit with her new do!

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Anonymous said...

OK we all know my DISLIKE for Kate Gosselin and now my granddaughter has a doll with a haircut like Kate! URGGGGGGG

Well at least she didn't cut her own hair. LOL Or worst yet Maddie's hair!!! Unfortunely Kit's hair will not grow back like Auntie Kaleighs did! Ha!


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