Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Quick Trip

This weekend Maddie, Maycee and I went to Austin for my cousin Danielle's bachlorette party. It was at my Aunt and Uncle's house and was for the whole weekend. I couldn't stay the whole weekend to go and enjoy the lake with them, but I did go up on Friday for the lingerie shower.

Me and the girls stayed with my cousin Wendy and her husband Jason. They recently move to Austin and we are very excited to have them so close now. They have kids that Maddie and Maycee couldn't wait to go and play with. They were so excited to see Taylor, Madison, and Bryce.

Jason was so nice to keep all the kids while Wendy and I went to the party. He said they were very good, and that they all played great together. I sure hope he was telling the truth :-) They had a great time with him. He grilled burgers for them and made banana splits with them.
This is Bryce showing off his cool sunglasses.
Taylor and Maycee. When we came home from the party we went to check on them in bed. Maycee and Taylor were sleeping in the top bunk and Maycee was snuggled up right next to Taylor. It was sooo sweet. Taylor even told Wendy in the morning that Maycee had put her arm around her in the night.

Maddie and Maddie. Actually I'm not sure how Madison spells Maddie, but I'll have to find out. It gets kinda confusing because they both go by Maddie. They both love American Girls and they played lots of babies while we were there. They played so good together.

They dressed up and had a fashion show for us. Wendy even let the girls take home some princess costumes and a Tinkerbell costume to borrow. Actually we came home with both of the costumes that Maddie and Maycee are wearing in this picture. We are going to use them when we go to Disney. I'm so excited because none of our princess costumes fit Maddie anymore and they had a Cinderella costume and Aurora costume to fit her so we won't have to buy one for either breakfast. Maycee wants to wear Tinkerbell for Halloween and to Disney. (Thank you so much Wendy!! They will get lots of use and we will take good care of them. They already had a fashion show for Guy.)

Left to right: Tinkerbell (Maycee), Winnie the Pooh (Bryce), Mickey Mouse (Madison), a Witch (Taylor) and Aurora (Maddie).

They also put on a karaoke show for us. You can't tell in the picture but Taylor and Maycee are playing the keyboard.

On the way home, Maddie wanted to know why we couldn't stay longer. I told her we had to finish getting ready for school and that I still had hairbows to make for some of her new outfits. The conversation continued like this....
Maddie: Starting Sept 1st I'm not wearing bows anymore.
Me: Really?
Maddie: Yeah! I made a decision.
Me: You are still gonna wear bows. They are cute. Your friends wear them. And I like them.
Maddie: (with a little attitude) What are you, an animal? (followed by a little pouting)
Well...I'm not sure what that meant, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't meant to be nice. LOL!

I sure hope she doesn't push this no bow issue because it will make me very sad. I'm not ready for her to grow up. I probably shouldn't have given her the whole I'm the Mom that's why type line, but I wasn't prepared for the thought of no bow. I'm counting on bows at least through First Grade. Lot's of her friends still wear them. The bright side is at least she had the courtesy to give me a 1 week notice :-)


mickie said...

funny funny! I hope she forgets the bow issue! love the costumes.. I know I know i need to start my blog :)

Nicki Stone said...

Hey April! We will be seeing you guys at Danielle's wedding! I left a message for you about a week ago? Did you get it? Your mom had given me your cell phone number, I wanted to see about getting some bows or outfits if you are still doing that! If you have time, please e-mail me at Talk to you later!

April said...

Mickie--I hope she forgets too. We compromised on a headband with a bow today :)

Nickie--I'll email you now!

Amie Coble said...

That is too cute... Atleast you were still able to walk her into her classroom!! I was told yesterday that I just needed to drop him off...Bryce"Mom, I got this, just drop me at the door!" Me..."jaw drop...OKAY..sob sob"!! They grow so fast!!

April said...

OMG Amie, That is sad. I'm not ready for that.

The night before Maddie asked "you remember how you walked me in on the first day last year, Are you gonna do that again?"

It is pretty funny that he said "Mom, I got this" though. LOL!

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