Thursday, August 13, 2009

Six Flags

Yesterday we took these two little daredevils back to Six Flags. Guy took off work early so that we could go in the afternoon. We got an awesome deal on season tickets this year. (Thanks Hillari!!) so we've been a couple of times this year and the girls really like the rides.

The teacups. They love to spin as fast as possible. Even when I get it going as fast as I possibly can they still yell "Faster! Faster!"

Drinking her water in those darn Hannah Montana sunglasses. It's really funny because I've bought them LOTS of very cute sunglasses through the years and it seems like they are always either lost or they aren't comfortable on them or they just don't like them, but these glasses that I really don't like (and wish would get lost) have stayed around the whole summer : ) And you know what else? She wore them almost the whole time we were at Six Flags.
As a matter of fact, Maycee lost these normal looking sunglasses at one point. We did find them though, she left them on a ride and they were still there when we went back.

Guy and the girls riding the Caddo River Barge.

We ate Dippin Dots! Yummy!!

We all four rode this roller coaster. Tony Hawk's Big Spin. They love it, but somebody has to go up the big part backwards. Nobody ever wants to, but today Maycee did so she enjoyed being the Brave sister and even more enjoyed letting Maddie know that she was the Chicken Sister. Which led to the incessent singing of there new "How Funky is Your Chicken" cheer. Good news is Maddie was totally owning being the Chicken Sister for the day because she was just happy that she didn't go up backwards.

Waiting in Line. This is what the lines were like on all the rides. Wait for he current ride to finish and then stay on the ride over and over (and over and over) until you couldn't take anymore (or until your parents couldn't take anymore).

The goofiest bumper cars that they Always want to ride and they Always get stuck agains the wall on. You have to turn the steering wheel to back up and all the kids always have a hard time with it and they end up in a traffic jam like this.

Riding the Rollercoaster. They were very proud that we weren't riding with them.

Guy sporting THE sunglasses.


Anonymous said...

What fun!! You guys have been very busy! Btw, the glasses "are" Guy! :o)


April said...

We have been busy. Trying to squeeze in lots of fun before school starts back up :)

LOL about the glasses!

Addison said...

Both girls are looking cute!! It seems to be a great trip at Six Flags...

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