Monday, August 24, 2009

1st Day of School

Yesterday was Maddie's first day of first grade. She was very excited. Here she is before we left to bring her to school. I made her outfit and she was very excited about it. You can't really see them in the picture, but I think she was most excited about the flip flops I made with bows on them.

This is what Maycee was doing while we took Maddie's picture. (fixing Ruthie's hair) I thought Maycee would be sad that Maddie was gone all day, but she really enjoyed having the house to herself. She was ready to go pick her 'sissy' up in the afternoon though. She was full of questions for Maddie about how her day went.
Maddie with her backpack and lunchbox. Notice she is wearing a bow, but it's on a headband. That was our compromise. She loves headbands.
Maddie and Elli waiting for their teacher in the cafeteria.
Headed to her classroom.
Maycee telling her bye. Maddie gave Maycee a little kiss right after this, but I didn't get a pic. It was super sweet.
Maddie and Kai.
She had homework last night to bring 3 things that fit in a lunch sack to tell about herself.

She brought

1) a disney picture so she could show she likes disney and that she has a little sister and a cousin (poor Kennedi isn't in the picture,but she said she was gonna say she has 2 cousins)

2) a ballet necklace to show whe like to wear jewelry and that she likes ballet

3) an American girl cheerleading book to tell that her favorite thing to play with is her American girl dolls and that her favorite sport is cheerleading

It was interesting to see what she picked to bring.

Maddie on her previous First Days of School.

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