Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ward Family Trip

We are leaving today to go camping with all the Ward Family. We will be camping on Lake Sam Rayburn. I'm excited to see everyone (I think there will be at least 35 people there) and because this is the lake I grew up camping on and no other camping has ever compared. I am looking forward to getting there and making lots of new memories with lots of great family! We will be enjoying lots of boating, swimming, great food, beer, horseshoes, visiting and singing the Family Trip theme song "Little Ole' Wine Drinker" at least 100 times.
My Dad's family has been having an annual trip planned at a convenient time for Fantasy Football drafts for several years. I'm not sure exactly how many years, but I know for sure we were there in 1997 because I remember watching the coverage of Princess Diana's death in the Condo in Florida.
Here are a few pics from some of the previous trips:
Gulf Shores 2003--This was Maddie's first trip.

The five Ward brothers...left to right: Frank, John, Pat, Robert and Dan.

Hot Springs, Arkansas 2005 This was Maycee's first trip.

Mississippi 2006
Gulf Shores 2008

We were evacuated for a hurricane and had to head north and fly home from their. We only stayed a few days and I don't have many pictures. I was planning on more pics later in the week :(

The beach and pool as we were evacuating. So different from the day before.

P.S. I am changing my music player to Dean Martin's "Little Ole Wine Drinker" for the weekend. Enjoy!


Tina said...

I can't wait for you guys to get here....

The weather is so cool compared to Dallas...last night was actually chilly!


Amie said...

Enjoy your weekend!! Hope you all have fun!!

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